Hi everyone on mastodon! I made a video with love and care recently youtu.be/gjk8LZWqhCQ

Any ideas of or libre video piblishing instance I could use and that would fit my content?

- So GameDev is your work?
- No, GameDev is what I do on my free time.
- But aren't you a full time indie game dev?
- Yeah I am. My work is the time I spend trying to make my game dev profitable...

I made my game's 🌌wormhole logic work 🥰 !

A video of my week's work on it and how it works is coming to my channel youtube.com/timkrief on the beginning of the week 😉 don't miss it!

Morning: I don't know if this game idea is a good one anymore... 😑

Afternoon: This is the best idea ever! 🥰

Evening: What am I even doing with this prototype! 🤨

Night: I have to stop playing! but this is so cool! 😍

Doubting and having fun

"Are you making progress on your games?"

Me working on a shell .srt subtitles translator helping tool:
"It's complicated..."

😉 I recently added advanced settings with a proper GUI to my game made with

In this week's video I explain how I made those settings approachable for new players and I try to run the game on my laptop 💻


I decided to bite the bullet and change the joysticks myself. I'm a victim of a total of 5 joycon drift issues on 3 pairs of joycons.

Tim Krief a partagé

The first AUPYA Monthly Project Review is taking place tomorrow starting at 4pm CEST in our Discord server:

We gather to see what’s working, what isn’t, and what can be improved in our active projects.

All contributors to AUPYA projects are invited to join, as well as anyone interested in AUPYA’s work.

This time we will mostly be reviewing minimal, our most mature initiative at the moment.

See you there! 😉

@heroicsoftware I have too projects going on right now already, but my code is pretty clean so I might keep that for later development. You should check the game and the projects here: timkrief.itch.io/you-cant-forc

I might even work on it a bit more and post a post-jam version at the end of the week 😉

I made a written devlog about how I add characters to my game: timkrief.itch.io/craftycounty/

There's also a video version of this devlog if that's of your liking: youtube.com/watch?v=mrn86WNZYN

I'm using to make the art, to make the soundeffect, and everything is imported in , it's a full FLOSS process :)

@Blort So the goal is to steal an emerald, if people catch you you lose. The twin-stick shooter aspect is that you can use your gun to scare people away but your character wont shoot on people. If you force them to do so, they wont and they'll be paralysed for a bit, terrified by the idea of killing someone ahah. I also explaned how the game works in this answer ;) : framapiaf.org/@timkrief/104508


So, the theme of the gamejam was "out of control". Here it's a twin stick shooter where you mind control a character to make them steal an emerald. The thing is the character you control wont cross the line, they wont shoot and kill people. You can shoot at walls to scare people away but if you try to shoot at people, your character will be paralysed and wonder why they tried to shoot someone 😅. If you get the gem you win. if people catch you you lose 😉.

I'm going to continue working on my non-violent twsin-stick shooter game to submit it for the Godot Wild Jam too! Because I still have a lot to do to "finish it" and it gives me a reason to do so 😛.

(Plus I always wanted to join a 🥰)


I don't have a lot of time left for mastodon, and I respect it too much to just automate tweet reposts here that will just create noise. I want to be more active here, and I'm being honest, knowing that people can see the posts I make is a strong reason for me to be.

PS: And since you answered, I now know that posts are properly shared accross instances :D (I genuinly doubted that before)

I don't post a lot on mastodon because usually, posts are lost in internet void. Can someone read this? I'm a FLOSS supporter and maker, a CS and electronics engineer and first and foremost an indie game maker. If you think you could like my toots, follow me and it'll give me a reason to post here on a regular basis 😊

You can't shoot them!! But you can shoot on a wall to scare them away!

(By the way I'm streaming the gamejam 😉 twitch.tv/timkrief )

🥳 I'm really excited to show you the 🎮 side project I've been working on and why I'm even working on a side project in the 1st place! 🎉

Go watch:
➡️ youtube.com/watch?v=TU2KMGaUWW


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