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I saw those two on a really steep slope the other day, it brighten my day 🙂

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PeerTube instances can be a bit hit and miss, some of them are completely unmoderated and full of awful content.

However, there are some really nice useful PeerTube instances with excellent admins, for example:


You can also follow accounts from PeerTube through Mastodon, just click on "subscribe" within PeerTube. You can also subscribe via RSS if you prefer.

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@Cheeseness I see, I can explain my view on the topic, but not in toots 😅 or maybe in a thread.

I started writing other toots about this, but I feel like it's healthier if I don't 😅

@Cheeseness It's not really something that can be easily debated with simple toots... I think we talked about this one time right?

The technical aspect of the issue for me is that all tool concepts should be easily and legally usable, modifiable and redistributed, for the common progress.

Art pieces and tools are very different, and all the parts of art pieces that I would want to be shared openly are often tools themeselves.

I should make an extensive post or video about my take on this...

@Cheeseness I don't see games as tools, I see them as piece of art, like movies and music, so I tend to see them as intelectual property more than closed software. Now if it's accessing my computer and doing unintinded things with it, it's not a game anymore, it straight up is a malware.

@cassidyjames I honestly don't understand why they gave up so fast on their ubuntu based choice and switched to ARCH. At this point it's pretty easy to find out that this won't be an easier way for newbies... I never had the need/time/courage to run an arch based system and I've been running linux desktop for years. Even if I have my own issues with elementary, that's my go to OS when I need to setup a machine for new users...

installing proprietary drivers on linux feels like asking for extra ham on your vegan pizza

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I've started working on a local database system for the sitcoin app so that I'll be able to show history of sitcoin "transactions" :)

@iarebatman Glad you found something, wishing you all the luck!

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New Earl20 song available! youtu.be/xPSSeVozgJk

This is my first animation with
Special thanks to @timkrief for the help :)

I'm not going to stream today
I'll work on my game, but since it's mostly optimizing stuff and I need to focus, I don't feel like it's streaming material 😅


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