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Starting soon! Low Poly 3D Modeling for Crafty County City Builder - Blender twitch.tv/timkrief

I'm rebooting my channel and the way I work, Here's my new introductory video! I've been working on this reboot for some time now. Enjoy:

I created my FAQ so that it'll help people understand what I do / answer questions. here it is: faq.timkrief.com/ if you see anything else I should include in it, let me know :)

The more I learn about Wayland, the less I think it's a replacement. I'm not okay with so many features being removed, with no real way forward to get them back, to call this a replacement. It seems like a cool technology tho, just not feel like a replacement to me.

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Je suis pas sûr que ça passe, mais bon, si certains veulent tester…

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Meeting shoebill for the first time, that could be terrifying as they look like an ancient creatures.

They're beautiful and rare, classified as endangered species.

How I made a game in 35 hours without breaking a sweat using only free/libre and opensource tools!

Boosts appreciated ;)


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Et puis un message à ceux qui ne sont pas bien: Ça peut s'améliorer.
Je me sens mieux à 40 (enfin... 48 maintenant !) que je me sentais à 30 ou à 20.
Donc 🤗 :blobcheerbounce: à ceux qui sont en difficulté et qui ne se sentent pas bien. Ne lâchez pas.

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Are they really building a cryptocurrency into signal? I would have to leave then...

In this week's video I go in details about how the character works in the new 3rd person mode for my game @_Octahedrone where you'll be able to move around between levels for story bits and such!

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It's too late to make Suez Canal jokes. That ship has sailed

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