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My web site is now available in english langage for my english speaking friends. sylvie.photos Enjoy !

That's it the drone is ready! I'll have a complete showcase video out tomorrow on my channel But here's a little preview in the meantime! It's really close to what controlling a real drone feels like!

I updated my Random Audio Stream Player Add-on for Godot Engine, the add-on for Randomized SFX and Audio. I use it in all my games, it's open-source, MIT Licensed and I just made a video about it youtu.be/yyVT8TT7sMw (peertube alternative: tilvids.com/videos/watch/6a275) @tilvids

Finally finishing the character texture and UV map - 3D modeling - Octahedrone - Godot Engine - Blender 3D twitch.tv/timkrief

Working on overlays to use for making videos directly using obs 😊

After some digging I was able to improve the UI further by making it so that you can select a folder instead of the samples one by one.

This add-on lets you select multiple samples that are then cleverly pseudo-randomly played to feel organic.

Historians will look at Wall-e and say: "Wait, they knew? Like on a global scale? in 2008?"

What is the game that you would recommend the most to someone that (wrongfully) thinks that "Video games are not art"?

Starting! Back at work Live on the game Daedalus Demise made with Godot Engine twitch.tv/timkrief

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Starting soon! Low Poly 3D Modeling for Crafty County City Builder - Blender twitch.tv/timkrief

I'm rebooting my channel and the way I work, Here's my new introductory video! I've been working on this reboot for some time now. Enjoy:

I created my FAQ so that it'll help people understand what I do / answer questions. here it is: faq.timkrief.com/ if you see anything else I should include in it, let me know :)

The more I learn about Wayland, the less I think it's a replacement. I'm not okay with so many features being removed, with no real way forward to get them back, to call this a replacement. It seems like a cool technology tho, just not feel like a replacement to me.

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Je suis pas sûr que ça passe, mais bon, si certains veulent tester…


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