The virtual pet simulator made for is out 😘 !

@jdufour Made all the musics and did an astonishing job!

You can try it now here: timkrief.itch.io/mini-pet-64

Go get your virtual pet!!! 😉

Oh and it's available on 👀

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It's a good first step: EU fines Amazon with 888 million for #privacy breach. Now imagine Big Tech were held legally responsible for all data they didn't HAVE to retain and that got leaked?

Corporate greed will be what will make FLOSS succeed in the end. 😅

@fribbledom That's so funny! I was checking one of your repo and I told myself "Oh they are on the fediverse, let's follow them!" but I was already following you somehow 😅

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's follows:

🌟 @tootapp - Unofficial and quirky Mastodon app for iPhone and iPad

🌟 @Blender@mastodon.social & @blender@video.blender.org - Professional free open 3D graphics suite, for animations, videos etc.

🌟 @dosnostalgic - Retro PC gaming memories from the MS-DOS era

🌟 @ldurrant - Artist and indie game designer, currently working on The Garden Path

🌟 @bigcar - Videos about the history of cars

🌟 @timkrief@tilvids.com & @timkrief@framapiaf.org - Game developer who makes videos about FOSS tools like Godot etc.

I like when we use technology to solve real world problems, not when we use it to create real world problems

Got my gamejam game to go from 30fps to 144fps by replacing some dynamic CSG nodes with actual meshes 😏

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Tim Krief is an artist, engineer and indie game developer, who makes videos about game development and FOSS tools like @godotengine. You can follow at:

➡️ @timkrief@tilvids.com (videos)


➡️ @timkrief@framapiaf.org (text/images)

Krief has an official site at timkrief.com

If the videos aren't visible on your instance yet, you can see them all at tilvids.com/accounts/timkrief/

#TimKrief #GameDev #Dev #Gaming #Development #IndieGames #IndieGaming #Art #FOSS #Godot #GodotEngine

Gotta pet'em all 😽!
In today's stream, I made it so I can generate a lot of different looking pets so that your pet will be unique :D
I'm having a blast making this pet sim for with 😊.

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Hey everyone! I decided to start making monthly update videos so that people can follow my progress and get to know what I'm working on. It's also a great opportunity to interact and to use video as if I was having a monthly meeting with the viewers 😅 Hope you'll like the first iteration, let me know if you have any advise for the next months!

Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=iFMiDOoriM
: tilvids.com/videos/watch/f0066

via @tilvids

There's a new video out youtu.be/_bcQldBMIxM We could ditch the pixels and keep the LowRez! LowRezJam is starting soon, so it's a fitting video
Watch it on peertube: tilvids.com/videos/watch/ca9b3

Je sais pas si je devrais poster en Français ici parfois, je ne sais pas comment Matodon gère mes tweets mais vu que je suis sur une instance française, ça doit passer devant pas mal de francophones 🤔


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