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My newest game Bat Egg is out now (and it's freeeeeeeee)! Flap, glide, and befriend your way through six zones in story mode, or play as long as you like/can in one of two endless modes 🦇🥚 cheeseness.itch.io/bat-egg #screenshotsaturday #indiegame #gamedev #indiedev

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New website finally online, let me know what you think about it 😉 timkrief.com/

I wont be on social networks for a bit. Be safe everyone!

That's it the is live on @itchio ! I'll make an announcement video in the upcoming days, but you can already join! It'll take place in November, details can be found here: itch.io/jam/crunchless-challen

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We are working on the next version of minimal

The funny part when you reinvent the wheel is that you almost never make it so that you can use standard wheels down the road...

I started making a page for the yet un-announced even that I'll be hosting in november, the Crunchless Challenge! what do you think of it? itch.io/jam/crunchless-challen

By using, contributing & supporting FLOS tools, more and more of the tooling we need to actually start making games are being shared and worked on by everyone instead of being something all teams have to either make themselves or become dependent on other companies to get.

I guess the capitalistic state of our society made us so excited by other people not being able to "have", that we were willing to spend actual energy, even during a global climate crisis

Am I the only one switching from dark theme to light theme and the other way around every x months?

It's been a productive evening on @inkscape :) Worked on possible logos and coins for my SitCoin App!

Currently back at work on Octahedrone , working on this after getting all the feedback from the closed demo is as exciting as working on a new thing :) This time keywords are Scoped Down and Focused

That's it! I significantly improved the SitCoin app by adding settings to control the earning rate and the total value. I'll be trying it out like this and see how it works :). I'll add an history and I think I want to add an onboarding page next :D

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I'm adding settings to the app I'm making, SitCoin, I'll also have to add some kind of history, and to decide how I'm going to store data.

It was nice to work a bit on our extension minimal, we have a lot of work, but at least we're back at it on a regular basis 😊 @AUPYA

Si vous voulez tester, j'expérimente un "twitch joue à" en live twitch.tv/timkrief

Hi there I'm trying out a "chat plays [a game]" stream, if you want to help me test it, it's live here right now: twitch.tv/timkrief

Oh so it seems like it's made by someone named Uli Köhler, thanks Uli Köhler I guess :)

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