I'm going to work on my android app SitCoin this time around. Join and chill! twitch.tv/timkrief

A little nintendo switch DIY for you all! The cartridges are so easy to loose 🙄...

No stream today, but big stream planned for tomorrow 😉

Windows: your computer is shutting down in 4 MINUTES (unless you click here, we'll sk you again tomorow... we might not even ask next time and just do it). Later: starting... updating windows, this might take a while 😃

Linux: oh by the way there are updates, about those things, if you want you can do them. Oh you did them? You need to restart. But no worries, you can restart later.


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Knowing that you are loosing market share and that your last users might be people who stand behind free software, internet neutrality, combating ad-funded tech giants etc. putting ads in the browser itself might be one of the worse decision you could make imho.

People voted for @_Octahedrone
the most so the last two live streams were focused on that! You can check what people are voting on on timkrief.com

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My Patreon page is open! If you want to support my work, vote on what I should work on and eventually get access to exclusive stuff, go check it out!

patreon.com/timkrief 👀

I'm having fun with this! I completely changed the input system and I'm ready to work on the level generation now.

I'm hosting sort of a "game jam" that does NOT feed into the crunch culture. It's the ! It's in November. Join us we are almost 200 participants! itch.io/jam/crunchless-challen

2nd degree NFTs are NFT of NFTs, meaning you own the NFT of an NFT of an art piece.

Cheese @Cheeseness released a new game, go check it out ;) One more game made with and natively playable on :) cheeseness.itch.io/bat-egg


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