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The thing with ponzi schemes in the digital era is that it can reach almost everyone before failing, and thus people have time to forget it's a ponzi scheme.

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I saw those two on a really steep slope the other day, it brighten my day 🙂

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PeerTube instances can be a bit hit and miss, some of them are completely unmoderated and full of awful content.

However, there are some really nice useful PeerTube instances with excellent admins, for example:

You can also follow accounts from PeerTube through Mastodon, just click on "subscribe" within PeerTube. You can also subscribe via RSS if you prefer.

#FediTips #PeerTubeTips #PeerTube #Fediverse #MastoTips

installing proprietary drivers on linux feels like asking for extra ham on your vegan pizza

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I've started working on a local database system for the sitcoin app so that I'll be able to show history of sitcoin "transactions" :)

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New Earl20 song available!

This is my first animation with
Special thanks to @timkrief for the help :)

I'm not going to stream today
I'll work on my game, but since it's mostly optimizing stuff and I need to focus, I don't feel like it's streaming material 😅

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I'm a software engineer who generally doesn't get to exercise creativity, nor do I get the opportunity to really socialize with anyone on a regular basis.. I've accidentally isolated myself.

I'm looking for opportunities to try out new things and reach people who might help me grow as a person. I'm not looking for a paid gig, just an outlet/community to be a part of. Boosts appreciated.

Creative Interests:
- Blender
- Voice Acting
- ChipTunes / Game Music
- Writing
- Game Design
- Pixel Art

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