Mes tests son mitigés. Je n'arrive toujours pas à interdir les inscriptions. J'ai modifié le fichier de config mais ça change rien

@tofeo even when you restart the processes? ...strange...

Nice news! 😁 let me know how it runs in the next days! 😉


It works but I notice instability general with ngnix. Sometimes it stop. And I need to investigate but I am not sysadmin. So I try to do myself the best but today for example pleroma is not working well.

Thanks for reporting!
I would test it too but i'm a bit busy these days... 😣
Anyway, any clues about these issues @anmol ?

@silkevicious @tofeo
I need to see your logs to see why nginx crashes?

@anmol @silkevicious

Before investigage how to find and where is ngnix log, I will update all application and all things because I see update waiting...

@tofeo @silkevicious
For #Pleroma logs:

$ sudo journalctl -feu pleroma

For #nginx logs:
$ tail -n 100 /var/log/nginx/domain.tld-error.log


I will send you in private message next time ngnix is out. I am updating all now. Maybe that solve my problem.
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