Leçon apprise aujourd'hui : il y a de petits modules qui n'ont l'air de rien mais qui pompent autant de CPU qu'un patch peut vite devenir injouable dans . Moralité : toujours avoir un œil les indicateurs de performance.

Great video by the one and only Omri Cohen showing the new features in v2.


I have accidentally found a nice way to make snare sounds that resemble acoustic ones: take an electronic snare, add a bandpass filter, a drive/waveshaper and a reverb (essential). Then tweak until you find a sweet spot. Envelope and compression are optional.

A minimal patch that allows to generate cool rhythmic sequences in VCV Rack. The idea is to "binarize" the outputs of the sequencer thus producing a few sounds with different parameters. These parameters are randomly updated from time to time by sample&hold modules.


This is **the** module I was waiting for in . Amazing!

"The Many Tlhings You Can Do With ShapeMaster Pro from MindMeld" by Omri Cohen


c'est en patchant n'importe comment qu'on obtient n'importe quoi. ^^

Here is a track I have made to 'celebrate' this strange winter. It started from a generative patch done in which I then re-arranged and added other parts in .

Allez, une petite session modulaire / musique générative.

J'ai pas pu résister, j'ai acheté le plugin de batterie acoustique sur . J'essaierai de pas mettre de double pédale ni de blasts.

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