Do you think Ubuntu Touch is a good alternative to Android or iOS?

This is a reminder to go to and suggest UT as an alternative to both if you have not already done so. Dot it now! 😎 So far your help has made Ubuntu Touch the number one alternative to iOS!

Why? When people search 'alternative to android' or 'alternative to iOS' in a search engine, we want them to find Ubuntu Touch and our project.

Thanks for your help!

@ubports It would be, if it had FDE already. A operating system without #encryption is sadly a no-go for a journalist or activist in the 21 century.

cheers, @ubports!
i'm willing to suggest UT as an alternative the best i can,but how can i do so (on it require an acc (with found UT (on but don't seem to find a "suggest as alternative button" or alike.although i really wish,i would,so i can contribute my part of suggesting it (as an alternative).especially since i love UT&therefor am using it myself from it's inception,as UT is not only just another,it's life-changing.the benefit of freedom provided by it,is unmatched,today.therefor i really wanna show my appreciation&spread the love for it,it's spirit&the positive impact it can have on everyday mobile love goes out to every single one of you running this wonderful project by pushing it forward&constantly improving:marius, @krille, legendary flohack, @neothethird, advocatux,, just in case,no one told you today:you guys are awesome!

@ubports really loving the progress of Ubuntu Touch on my OnePlus One. Wish it had more apps that I could use, but generally the browser works for most things.

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