Ubuntu Touch travels the globe, spreading the message of freedom and choice: A community member took this photo. Can you tell where it was taken?

Have your own Ubuntu Touch travel pics? Then please send them here:

@ubports Please don't use Instagram for anything 😢 It's a Facebook product, and you can't even see anything on there without an account.

@bart actually you can - we know IG is a FB product, but we need to spread our message to the wider audience possible

@ubports Uh, no I can't see anything without an account. Clicking on the link you shared, I just get redirected to a login page. At least consider mirroring everything to something like Pixelfed?

@bart @ubports
You should be able to. Clicking on the link on mobile I can see the post without an account.

@bart @ubports you are absolutely right! we can and need to improve there, want to help?

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