We can hardly keep counting releases of UBports Installer, but are still excited about our very latest. Version 0.6.0 beta comes with:
Completion of automatic bug reporting, a ton of bug fixes, and in addition a new step to enable support for upcoming devices.

More details on the release notes:

We are pleased to announce the release of Ubports Installer 0.5.2.-beta. This release includes many new and exciting improvements. These include:
. Support for Heimall, the Samsung boot manager
. Sideload support for more Operating Systems,
. More configuration flexibility for porters,
. Bug Fixes

Full details are in the changelog at: github.com/ubports/ubports-ins

UBports, Volla phone and Yumi can all be found in the Dutch version of Linux magazine.
Interested? Then follow the link.


Our old friends at @Canonical have given us some more devices to use for further development. So here's the offer: if you want to help develop Ubuntu Touch and need a device let us know over on our forum and someone will be In touch the forum link is here forums.ubports.com/topic/3368/ .

In the last few days the Edge channel has been successfully merged with Development bringing the future Ubuntu Touch ever closer. If you want to try Mir 1.x and Unity8 (2017) on your device then update to Dev using System Settings Update or the UBports Installer.

Please remember this is not suitable for your daily device yet.

Further info here:

Issue Reporting here: github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touc

Testing convergence on Devel Channel. Nexus 5 running Firefox and Evince in Libertine.

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