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Valvin @valvin

Peertube is opening a worldwide paticipative funding! :)

For those who don't know yet it is a decentralized and opensource youtube alternative developped by @Chocobozzz and supported by @Framasoft

More info here :

The campain is here :

Do not hesitate to share :)

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@valvin @Chocobozzz @Framasoft I've never heard about this! Thanks for sharing! This might be a service I need. Can Peertube do live streaming?

@visitorlizard I think that live streaming is not yet supported for technical reason. But as I've understood it should possible later. @Chocobozzz @Framasoft

@valvin @Chocobozzz @Framasoft Thanks for letting me know. I'm liking what I've seen. I may have to move my YouTube channel!