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Valvin @valvin

Peertube is opening a worldwide paticipative funding! :)

For those who don't know yet it is a decentralized and opensource youtube alternative developped by @Chocobozzz and supported by @Framasoft

More info here :

The campain is here :

Do not hesitate to share :)

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@valvin @Chocobozzz @Framasoft I've never heard about this! Thanks for sharing! This might be a service I need. Can Peertube do live streaming?

@visitorlizard I think that live streaming is not yet supported for technical reason. But as I've understood it should possible later. @Chocobozzz @Framasoft

@valvin @Chocobozzz @Framasoft Thanks for letting me know. I'm liking what I've seen. I may have to move my YouTube channel!

@valvin I haven't heard of KissKissBankBank before. Is it a new thing?

@Riley it looks to be a french kickstarter like platform. but maybe that @Framasoft @Chocobozzz can provide more information about the choice of KissKissBankBank platform ?


@Riley @Chocobozzz

It's a quite old french platform. I know that it's not well known outside France, but we were kind of forced to choose it cause foreign platform refused our non profit cause our bank was in France and we wanted to make our page multilingual and with non physical counterparts.

And I must admit KKBB team was very kind (they accepted to include a peertube embed).

Do you think the platform choice is an obstacle for non french people?

@Framasoft @Chocobozzz @valvin I think the obstacles are the same ones an average Kickstarter campaign faced in the site's early days. It could be an issue until it gains more steam, but I don't think it's a fundamental one.

@Framasoft maybe a short link behind the crowdfunding location on the homepage of like "why we chose KKBB platform" can help ?

(it should be more difficult in the campaign direclty?)

@Riley @Chocobozzz


@Riley @Chocobozzz

It should be easy to add a point in the FAQ section

I think the main issue is that we want to reach non-french speaking people, but we don't have a good network outside France (where we're well known and, considered as one of the biggest Free Software non-profit).

I think that excepted @aral and the message of @valvin we didn't had a lot of boosts/retweets/messages directed to non french-speaking people.

@Framasoft @aral @Chocobozzz @valvin Just their willingness to support a PeerTube embed is a good explanation alone. "Their willingness to add support for what we're building laid the ground for a good working relationship."