I'm already using @fbjest@twitter.com to test `images-responsiver`, my #Node.js package for easier responsive images, but I wonder how to use it to test my plugin wrapping it for @eleven_ty@twitter.com… 🤔



@welcomattic not at all, they are (or will be) complementary.

Daltons computes (actually "will" compute) the optimum image widths from analytics, for the `srcset` attribute.

While images-responsiver creates the HTML to list these image widths and the relevant `sizes` attribute, to help the browser download the right image.

@nhoizey ok, thanks for the explanation.
I contributed a PR yesterday on daltons, that attempt to add the computation on « perfect widths » with k-means algorithm.
I’m very interested in solutions easy to use for developers to manage responsive images markup

@welcomattic sorry, I'm very late on the PR, I'll try to catch up before the end of the week


@nhoizey No problem, I'm not working on the project that let me do this PR for now. I'm already late on a PR on Symfony repo

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@nhoizey *also late on a PR on Symfony repo
This week is soooo long 😅

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