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„Wir fordern das Auswärtige Amt auf, sich für eine Abstimmung über die Akkreditierung von Wikimedia einzusetzen“, fordert Vorstand @chumborg. Soeben hat China @WikimediaDE und sechs weiteren Wikimedia-Chaptern erneut die Akkreditierung bei der @WIPO verwehrt. @AuswaertigesAmt

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El viernes pasado Wikimedia Argentina fue rechazada como organización observadora en @WIPO, la agencia de Naciones Unidas para la propiedad intelectual, junto con otros 6 capítulos @Wikimedia


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Not admitting Wikimedia and its independent affiliates as observers is unacceptable. They are active and respected stakeholders around the world, specifically on policy, and they would bring a unique and underrepresented angle to WIPO debates.

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1/ On July 15th, 7 @Wikimedia chapters were blocked from accreditation at the 2022 @WIPO Assemblies over concerns by a single member state. Together with 50 other civil society orgs, we have published a supporting letter as a sign of solidarity for the Wikimedia movement.

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“Opening the UN’s doors to six more rights groups would be a step in the right direction. But it’s only a start.“—@loucharbon on why @Wikimedia and five other human rights organizations should be granted @UN consultative status next Thursday. On @hrw ⬇️

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Several of WIPO’s accredited observers, including @communia_eu, @creativecommons, @IFLA, as well as organizations such as @internetarchive, showed their support for the accreditation of the chapters and called on @WIPO members to facilitate their admission. (6/6)

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“When the decision-making power of the General Assembly is left in the hands of a single country and without regard to the WIPO’s admission criteria, this sets a worrying precedent for the institution,” said @AmandaKeton, General Counsel of the Wikimedia Foundation. (3/6)

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NEW: Seven Wikimedia chapters were rejected as permanent observers at @WIPO, the @UN agency for intellectual property. For the second time, China opposed the accreditation, wrongly claiming that chapters were complicit in spreading disinformation. (1/6)

La nostra domanda di accreditamento come osservatori all'assemblea generale di @WIPO è stata rifiutata, insieme a quella di altri 6 capitoli . La è il solo paese che si è opposto, impedendo la nostra partecipazione alla discussione internazionale sul

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🚩Notre demande d'accréditation comme membre observateur à l'OMPI (@WIPO), l'agence de l'ONU (@UN, @ONU_fr) pour la propriété intellectuelle, vient d'être refusée.
La Chine a été le seul État membre à s'opposer à notre accréditation...

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Groundhog day at @WIPO: @WikimediaDE, @Wikimedia_Fr, @wikimediaitalia, @WikimediaCH, @WikimediaSE, @wikimedia_ar and @Wikimedia_ZA all rejected over the concerns of one member state. There's zero doubt that WM chapters and @Wikimedia have every right to be admitted.

Ce compte parle des #LogicielsLibres #OpenSource dans, par et pour l'administration publique 🇫🇷

Ces logiciels sont gage de transparence pour les démarches en ligne et un levier de souveraineté numérique pour les SI du secteur public.

Faites-nous connaître !

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“This is a restriction to public domain and a misuse of Wikimedia projects, which are collaborative repositories meant to freely provide content, also for commercial purposes,” says @wikimediaitalia, who wrote an open letter to oppose the guidelines. (2/2)

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The new Italian National Plan for the Digitization of Cultural Heritage stipulates that images can be published for free on Wikimedia projects, but they would now be subject to a fee for commercial reuse. (1/2)

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@wikimediaitalia has sent an open letter to representatives of the Italian government urging them to allow Italians to share their public domain heritage with open tools accessible for all purposes without fees.

Learn more & what you can do to help:

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🇮🇹 That picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa? You may need to pay for that.

The Italian government wants a fee to be paid when images of Italian cultural heritage from Wiki projects are used for commercial purposes. The fee exploits free knowledge infrastructure.

Learn more 👇

Il 23 e il 24 luglio organizziamo a Terni un workshop fotografico insieme a @Fiaf_, tutto dedicato alla fotografia urbana, di strada e notturna. Se ti interessa, mettiamo anche a disposizione delle borse di partecipazione: scopri come richiederle!

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