I wish there was a FOSS alternative to LinkedIN 🤔


I heard something is being built, known as @flockingbird, and @arran oftenly write some articles on their blog : fediverse.blog/~/Flockingbird 🌱

@woxok that looks interesting. I imagine though that a linkedin replacement would be harder to create because it would require some sort of integration with corporations.

You know to have an easy apply filter. We'd have to convince them to integrate or support our easy apply system.

I feel that microsoft can just pay them alot of money to only use linked in. 🤔

Yes indeed we won't have a huge range of different companies on this new fed social network for a while ! But finally we should find on the best corporations at least in the tech field because they will be focused on dev and this should strengthen our community 🦾 I hope so

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