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The east coast of #Australia is on fire & we can watch it burn from space.

An extended drought leading to the most dangerous week of #bushfires the nation has ever seen.

The #ClimateCrisis is here - when will our governments act accordingly?

#ActNow #ClimateEmergency #NSWfires

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Another day of raging wildfires in New South Wales.

Staggering imagery of Australia.

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1. hottest June ever: 2019
2. hottest July ever: 2019
3. 2nd hottest August ever: 2019
4. hottest September ever: 2019
5. hottest October ever: 2019
6. hottest summer ever: 2019
7. world record hottest month: 2019

The planet we think we're living on no longer exists.

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Last month's temperatures were 0.69°C above average, making #October 2019 the hottest on record. As can be seen in the picture, large parts of the #Arctic, most of #Europe, the eastern #USA and #Canada were most affected.

Read the report here: climate.copernicus.eu/surface- 

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"A police ban on Extinction Rebellion protests in London last month was unlawful, High Court judges have ruled."

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This is how our government creates CARBON SINK.

60,000 acres of Forest.🛑


You have failed us and our future.
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New climate change induced flooding estimates 

Study which applied new methods of measuring elevation finds that 300 million, 3x higher than previous estimates, are at risk of catastrophic flooding caused by #climatechange. Most of those persons live in #Asia eu.usatoday.com/story/news/nat

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What would a “Climate diet” look like in Australia? Less meat, less dairy, less waste. More plants, more variety, more home cooking.


#ClimateChange #Australia

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The hard truths of #climatechange — by the numbers


#climatebreakdown #GlobalWarming #infographics

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