for has been upgraded to 0.0.1-2019-06-14

is a Soundcloud-like app but simple, easy and KISS (and ActivityPub).

Upgrade with the following command:

$ yunohost app upgrade reel2bits -u

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@yalh thanks !
I will look to work a bit more on activitypub in the next two weeks.
translation update is progressing a bit, but blocked because of issue with some libraries.

Yes I’ve seen that on
Huge work to do ^^
I hope libraries issues will be solved :)

@yalh one person forked flask-security to revive it, but we seems to be blocked for the translation to work correctly because of flask-babelex being unmaintained and flask-babel being half dead :(
he tries to makes flask-babel come back to life, we will see.
worst case I will release the translation update without the flask-security translated for the moment.

Just to know, the work on the [Front refactoring]( is at the beginning or near the end ?

I have worked on a new version of reel2bits_ynh with the work you have done last weekend.

And it's to know if it's better to wait for the `Front refactoring` before releasing ^^

@yalh still near the beginning. have you done your last update with the translation PR merged ? that one would be good for a good time


Yes with the translation PR: it’s the master branch as it was the 26/06/2019 ;)

@yalh cool. there haven't been lot of changes since then except the license change.
the new front is gonna take some time, then ActivityPub might get some changes in federation too.
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