It’s freaking tiring to persuade French landlords to rent their appartement to foreigners, they just doubt everything about me.

@yesmylord1889 As you can view on, Frenches are one of the worst peoples regarding trust in eachother in Europe. If you travel in France, you'll easily find a lot of people are affraid by unknown peoples. Though, once you've broken the ice, you'll have a lot of wonderful peoples helping you in every situations.

@booteille yes, I have some awesome friends who are really helpful. Sometime I just don’t want to bother them too much, so I try to settle things by my own, then it takes a lot of time and plenty of luck to get one thing done😅

@yesmylord1889 Ah ah. I understand! Just never forget to open a big smile to every new people you meet and engage a quick conversation to let them feel how good you are. Once you did that, a lot of things will get better.

But yeah, that's not that easy if you can't talk directly to peoples. Peoples think Evil is everywhere, just waiting the first occasion to do his bad things. That's why we have to give them the first words and show them how Good is everywhere.

@booteille Ce que vous avez dit est très beau et très français.

@yesmylord1889 Ah ah. Merci. Mais c'est sincèrement ce que je pense et ressens. Et ce, après avoir parcouru la France à pieds et en stop, en galère ou sereinement. La France et quelques pays du monde. La vie est belle, les gens sont beaux. Le bien est partout. Il ne nous faut que profiter et contribuer à améliorer le tout, pas après pas.

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