“How not to meet humanity's basic needs in our automated future – The Expanse's Basic Support vs. Basic Income” #BasicIncome

@mayel I'm a bit wary of though... The idea of negative interest is a bit too close to the way neoliberals see #BasicIncome

Why is #911Justice relevant to #BasicIncome?

Can't have a criminally corrupt government managing #BasicIncome.

@cnc BTW, I am for Universal #BasicIncome — it is achievable, but the governments prefer to spend the money on everything else.

What to do with proceeds? Give back as #BasicIncome.
What to do with excess? Vote on it.

But we won't do it. We're too stupid.

You can be assured such policies will be proposed, and those against them will be called "against #BasicIncome". Be prepared for such lies!

But beware policies calling themselves #BasicIncome that are not in fact #BasicIncome, but the same old control mechanisms!

#BasicIncome is the monetary manifestation of the maxim, "Power to the People!"

Petit Apéro Monnaie Libre impromptu

pour ceux sur Toulouse au mois d’août,
et surtout ceux qui ont leur période de certifications Ḡ1 qui se terminent en août.

Cool, notre article sur la #monnaielibre en essai du jour sur le blog de la P2P Foundation :)
Nice, our paper about the #librecurrency in the essay of the day on P2P Foundation blog
#duniter #revenudebase #basicincome

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