@loveisanalogue I wonder if digital presence would necessarily entail the removal of individual identity. Of course that #identity would be encoded differently, but i think it'll still be there. You would still be recognisable as you.

As for art, it is a strong human trait. I can't think of any society that did not have some artistic expression. Given that, I'd err on the side that #art would not only be possible, but essential to the health of any #digital #community of the #YearMillion. Wild speculation abounds!

Hey everybody, Mastodon Share need a volonteer to create a beautiful logo. If you are an artist, please contact me :)

Thank you for your futur proposals.

Salut les mastonautes. Mastodon Share recherche un artiste bénévole pour lui dessiner un nouveau logo :)

Merci d'avance pour vos propositions graphiques :)

Personality is not a ready gift but an achievement. This achievement is a very difficult, even painful, process...

This means that our personality cannot be created or shaped by some external influence or process without our inner participation. Such involvement is most clearly seen in the development of higher levels of personality. For this to happen we have to have an enhanced awareness, a sense of autonomy and authenticity of our own self...

--Kazimierz Dobrowski


@broleke faut pas croire que tout les gouvernements sont fait de vieux / vielles cons / connes qui ne comprennent rien a un monde qui change. Ils sont tantôt plus lents ... tantôt plus rapides.

Devenez un e-Citoyen en Estonie ...


#eid #identity #electronicidentity

I'm working on a blogpost to explain the federated timeline, user accounts and idea of multiple identities and I could use some quotes and examples from longtime Mastodon/GNUSocial users. When you have an account on multiple instances, why do you do that?
How do you manage these accounts and logins? Is Mastodon thé solution for your identities?

You don't have to name the accounts and you can always DM me if you want to stay anonymous.

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