« To our knowledge, WebAssembly is the first industrial-
strength language or VM that has been designed with a
formal semantics from the start. » → Beuh… et #OCaml, alors ? 🤔

@hannesm hope to see you tooting about some of your #OCaml work here too :)

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As I'm going to be away with very little internet access, there won't be a CWN until August 08.

Eh, #Ocaml folks, is there something similar to #Haskell kinds in Ocaml? What is the signature for something like

```someFunc :: f a -> a```

(that is, f can be any type such as `List`, `Set` or whatever).

I don't think this was mentioned here before:

Functional Geekery Episode 99 – Christiano Haesbaert

«In this episode I talk with Christiano Haesbaert. We talk his experience with the BSD kernel; foray into OCaml and MirageOS, and how OCaml fits in the realm of “systems languages”.»

#OCaml #MirageOS #UniKernel

Useful reminder: modern CPUs are f...g *software*! They have bugs (and, here, serious bugs) @rootkovska

Funny it was found by #Ocaml people :-)

@inso oui, c'est l'aspect proof of stake qui m'embête le plus. Mais je vais suivre le projet de loin (juste parce que c'est en )