Hi there
I am looking for a native American/English partner to translate my novels & texts in English.Ofc, we would share the income from English patronage.
I am fluent enough to check the work but not enough to do it myself.
My work is based upon Crusade history, murder mysteries & short stories mainly, under BY-SA licence.
Check the French content there :
Feel free to pass the info...

Par rapport à un pouet précédent...Je le redis, que tout le vocabulaire était déjà dans Ubuntu, pourquoi retraduire chaque chaîne de caractère ? Alors qu'on ne pourrait que les valider si elles étaient préremplies avec les traductions passées 😕


The built-in Yandex #translation function (button at the left of each toot) in #Mastalab lets me super-conveniently understand what #Mastalab's developer is tootin' about in French language.

A small irony is that currently one of the few (?!) words Yandex cannot translate is the French variant of 'toot', it seems ('pouets'?!).

Next $challenge; #filtering vs. #informationOverload.


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Connaissez-vous un outil d'aide à la traduction qui aille chercher les chaînes de caractères déjà traduites sur d'autres projets libres afin de traduire plus vite ?

I don't want to filter out toots in languages I don't understand, I want to read them via some translate plugin. But I guess this could be high volume unless you somehow ration people to avoid maxing out an API limit. Maybe just click to translate would be enough? Or a way to plug in your own paid translation service login for whatever service? #translation

@mmu_man Pootle sounds good too. Any reason to prefer Pootle over Weblate ?


sike mama
"The Egg" in Toki Pona
2015-10-26 / Sebastian Morr

This is a translation of Andy Weir’s beautiful short story The Egg to a constructed language called Toki Pona, which has a vocabulary of only 120 words and a very simple grammar.

toot ! 🐘

#TokiPona #literature #translation
#pana_toki #puku

Hmm... I just thought that I could actually see my Liberapay translation, but sadly it gives me a "Server not found" error.

Looking at the site is the best way of proofreading.

#Liberapay #translation

So I finally finished the #translation of the #liberapay interface into Danish.

Now I only need to go through the site and make a proofreading.

That's the good part. I already am there with the Diaspora interface.


Pledges is a rather difuse word in the #liberapay context. I have only now understood what they mean by a pledge... I hope.

I'll probably have to go all the strings with pledge over again.

#opensource #translation #danish

215 string translated on the #Liberapay interface - I guess that being ill has some advantages - I go into robot-mode with whatever I do...

#opensource #translation