And the answer is no, Maps does not yet support malls :-/ #WWDC #iOS11 @SeaHam

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Since I can’t find anyone else talking about it on the interwebs, gonna test to see If Maps works inside malls yet with @SeaHam #WWDC

With #WWDC over with, and new betas out, it’s time to play my favorite game. Bug or Feature

In iOS 11 beta 1, when you have a picture in full screen, you can no longer swipe out of it, you have to tap “Done” - Bug or Feature?

Back from my first radio interview. Topic: freedom & privacy on your mobile phone. #Android #iOS #FreeYourAndroid #WWDC

Because they pretty much asked for it during the #WWDC.

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That's it folks! No iPhone 8! Guess I will have the newest iPhone for a little longer! #WWDC

okay that's done, time for lunch, I'm starving :V #WWDC

Wow Apple reinvents PayPal, I'm sooo fucking impressed. And I see they have a computer that is literally unaffordable for the vast majority of the western world.

Like seriously, my trip to Brazil is cheaper than the iMac pro, and I get more bang for my buck (literally 😏).


#WWDC is what's dope about Masto.
Instead of the same slap-asses on birdseed (along with the companies that sponsor them), we get real-time reactions on some of the BS Apple's spitting out and pretending it's 'innovation'.