Seriously, don't stock 750 MB of data on the computer of a user that just came on your news website homepage. PWA are'nt THAT cool if you empty your visitors' data packages.

Ok, it's been 6 minutes, I've not interacted with the page AT ALL, and we're already closer to 1 GB.
Seriously, people?! WTF are you storing on my computer?


9 minutes, we're over the GB. I think they've cached all the news since 1867. With the photos in all available resolutions.

I cleared the data site and I swear, I heard my hard drive thanking me.

@borisschapira “ART: This is a tremendous achievement, Grumpf says as he adds the finishing touches to his Lascaux paintings.”
“SCIENCE: 'Fire!', Oomph testifies.”

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