Does a feature for deleting automatically your old messages is something that you want?
With a whitelist of course (keywords, etc.)

@fedilab Yes but with the caveat that it would need to be highly configurable and/or be triggered manually as awell as auto.

@rin @fedilab niiiice, if I can enforce it as an admin I can save on a lot of space right?
@igeljaeger @fedilab because nobody bothered to program a garbage collector for media files

Files that are not attached to a message are supposed to be deleted, no?

@fedilab @igeljaeger there are some difficulties with doing that due to how attachments are represented in pleroma IR. we do want to delete them in the future though
@piggo @igeljaeger media proxy doesn't affect disk space on pleroma because it is literally a proxy. but yes, you can purge old remote posts via a mix task and they will be refetched on access
@rin @piggo @igeljaeger i'll be much more comfortable with this feature once we have something like the datashards stuff in place.

So that would be even easier with Pleroma. Did you plan an API support?
@igeljaeger @rin

@fedilab @igeljaeger @rin yes it takes an expiration TTL on the post, rin can explain more i think
@:bunny: @Fedilab @igel @rinpatch

As I've been learning my way around the Osada code I stumbled on two different kinds of auto-expire. One is for your own stuff by setting a post TTL and the second for federated conversations. I love the federated one because it keeps the DB manageable.

This reminds me I need to see if Fedilab works with Osada. There's no Mastodon API but there is a Twitter/StatusNet API plugin.
@fedilab Will probably be useless for most people but I'd love it.
@fedilab With the huge caveat that admins should be able to limit bulk deletions.

I planned to spread this action for deleting several messages. It won't be proceeded in bulk actions.

@fedilab So more like a loop that doesn't torment the server. According to my opinion, Its a useful luxury feature for some like example people who run a node on a small server and have to delete media files all the time or pundits or entertainers who go on hiatus from time to time and use that for showmanship.
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