If you want to test you can download it here:

It should work with your current version of
Think to export/import your data (though I didn't test that).

Remaining features :
- Schedule, bookmarks, remain position, follow instances, timed mute, not cropped media, live notifications, quick replies, reorder timelines.

One theme only : Compact

Settings in a simple page.

Removed : art and Peertube timelines.

@fedilab How do you plan to manage #fedilab_lite translations since languages are known to take huge part of any Android app ? 🤔

@ButterflyOfFire This lite version will embed parts of the full version only. So, every translations are supposed to exist on the main release :)

@fedilab I mean, I don't know if #fedilab_lite based on the user Android locale can download only a one specific language.
I saw FB app doing this. I don't know how this could work in our case?
🤔 Humm yeah, complicated since we have to do language mapping too.

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