One of the packages I use is not packaged for .

I already started the creation. First time, haha 🤪

You know there's an importer, right? Does:

guix import melpa ac-geiser


Well... Now I do know about it ! 😅
So you mean I can do:

guix import melpa ac-geiser geiser paredit auto-complete

And other packages I find useful?

@jeko yes, except it's elpa, not melpa. Not sure what the difference is (I'm a vim user). Also I'm sure geiser is already in guix.

@roptat Cool !
I did :

guix import elpa --archive=melpa-stable ac-geiser

Which displayed the package definition for emacs-ac-geiser.
Should I then put it in a file and guix install from that file ?

@jeko absolutely! if you are missing some dependencies, you can also use the -r (recursive) option to recursively import missing packages. Put the definitions in a file and install from it. Better even, put them in guix' source code and contribute them!

@roptat Ok that was my initial goal haha.
So if I understand, "guix import" is like an helper to create package definitions from a pattern (said elpa) but it may need some tweaks to be installable. When the package definition is ready I can submit a patch to guixters ?

Yes. One patch per package added, please :). It's more than a model, it downloads some data too and gets more info from the repository you specify.

Thank you for your precious help! Be ready for my patch haha !

Don't foget to run guix lint on them before you send your patches!

I will !
But right now I'm stuck. I will ask help on the mailing list (help-guix) tonight.

@jeko Why do you need a guix package for it? Can't you just use MELPA?!?!

Well the "why" thing is more emotional than rational. Haha
I want to manage all the packages I use to hack in with

@jeko Ok, as long as you know you're being a bit crazy, go for it 😸👍

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