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Carnet is an Open Source note app that aims at replacing Google Keep with an improved editor. Available online as a nextcloud app, on Android and on linux Desktop, Carnet has many features such as images, todo-lists, audio recordings, synchronisation, and many more

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Hi, I'm Carnet and I'm there to boost @PhieLaidMignon who is quite slow at developing

Fluffychat for Android is getting better ans better !

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@Carnet I can see a bug the bike is supposed to be white on a black background.

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@mheusinger @geschichtenkapsel @kraehenpost @angry @DrW

Hab ich übersehen. Bei den Note-Taking Apps wäre da noch Carnet


Synct mit der Nextcloud und ist auch im Fediverse @Carnet

I'm looking to buy and iPhone to port Carnet to it, accoring to you which model should I buy, and where to get it as cheap as possible ?

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What's new in FluffyChat 10 ?
+ New public chat discover page
+ Chats with unread messages are marked (event when notifications off)
+ Scroll top to the last read message by default
+ Better UX when starting a new chat
+ A lot of bug fixes and stability improvements

@matrix @Ubports #ubuntutouch #matrix

The Mac version of carnet will be called Paul.

Because Paul Mac Carnet.

Any mac users willing to help me with Carnet on Mac OS ?

On my virtual machine I seem to have trouble with note editor, which stays totally white. Can someone with a real mac give a try ?

Extract it and launch the .app


0.19.4 release for android
bug fix for image decoding (crashing the app on startup)

thank you @dam_alex for reporting it and finding the bug

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Bon sinon apparemment mon CDI va prendre fin à la fin du mois... Vous connaissez des SCOP qui embauche des dev/architectes logiciel sur Paris?

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Can anyone recommend speech recognition free/libre software? @wgahnagl and I are looking for a tool to make transcriptions of our podcast. I'll take "libre tool that mostly works but needs a human to check the output" over "reliable proprietary tool". Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

#lazyweb #accessibility #speechrecognition #speechtotext

🎄 ☃️ For christmas, don't forget to offer Carnet to your dearest ones ❤️ 🤶

Is it easy to install linux on an Asus UX433FLC ?

Thanks do my wonderful mother and her 12 years old computer:

new bug fix release for carnet nextcloud, fixing issues with recording in overview+ play /pause

My computer completely crashed, i suspect it is dead, even my ssd is dead and I need urgently a new computer with these criterias

16 gB of ram

512 gB of SSD
size of 13-14 inch

under 1000 euros

any ideas ? what do you think of this one darty.com/nav/achat/informatiq

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