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Carnet is an Open Source note app that aims at replacing Google Keep with an improved editor. Available online as a nextcloud app, on Android and on linux Desktop, Carnet has many features such as images, todo-lists, audio recordings, synchronisation, and many more

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Hi, I'm Carnet and I'm there to boost who is quite slow at developing

Hi there ! I'm about to update Carnet Desktop but I've made so many changes that I'd like some tests before releasing it

For end user there are no changes but I've updated every dependencies, which required lots of rewrite so I might have broken things.

PLease but aware that testing a beta might come with issues

here is the related pull request

and the new version as an appimage

I'm quite interested in sync related issues

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Ok, and the last part of the dark preference has landed - a uniform compositor-side crossfade like in macOS, iOS or (WIP) elementary OS. Now I'm happy.

Note: this may look laggy, but this is a recording of a VM. It's much smoother when it's not being recorded. Ditto the tearing.

New Carnet Release with nextcloud 23 compatibility !

but to have a correct terminal editor we will have to move to the markdown format

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New release for Nextcloud, compatible with Nextcloud 22

Simp yourself and the world will simp you.

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Je soutiens les militants exigeant une licence libre et sauvage pour @Carnet

Remember that GNOME or whatever free and privacy respecting softwares you use need donations to continue


Widget ! Thanks to Thardev
Audio recorder
Cache when a note is deleted


Fix: Nextcloud 21
Export all notes (by Yamanq)
Metadata (by hobbsecky)
Search in note Folder


Yaru theme

Get Carnet at


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V 0.24.X was released for Android, Nextcloud, and desktop



note as folder (instead of zip) option (beta, don't use it if not needed)
Better support for notes as folder
Import todolist from google keep (thanks to yohan-b)

Translations: Galician (Xosé M) German (Christien Scholz) Polish (Przemek Poland) Spanish (Maira Belmonte) Chinese (Lurenjia) Russian (Mac Guffin) French (Aznörth)


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Would you welcome a Carnet version for iOs even if it's running behind a well optimized webview ?
(meaning that's a web app that will feel like a real app and be installed like a real app)

Would you welcome a Carnet version for iOs even if it's running behind a well optimized webview ?
(meaning that's a web app that will feel like a real app and be installed like a real app)

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WAT?! You're telling me there has been a team at Facebook designing and implementing this feature, and not one person has stood up and asked:

"Uhm, isn't that super creepy, even for us?"

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Carnet è un'alternativa open source gratuita a Google Keep. È un'app per prendere appunti che può essere sincronizzata online. Puoi seguirla qui:

➡️ @Carnet

Oltre alle note di testo puoi anche memorizzare immagini, file audio e liste di cose da fare.

È disponibile per Android (attraverso @fdroidorg e Google Play) e per @nextcloud

Puoi scoprire di più su:

#Carnet #NextCloud #Android #GoogleKeep #App #FOSS #FLOSS #SoftwareLibero #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Note #Office

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @emilylorange - Freelance illustrator, does both realistic and cartoony works

🌟 @Carnet - FOSS alternative to Google Keep, syncable notes

🌟 @greenfediverse - Lists which Fediverse instances use environmentally friendlier hosting services

🌟 @vinyl - Posts artwork and covers from classic vinyl records

🌟 & - Develops and maintains Ubuntu Touch

🌟 @wikihow - Random mismatched WikiHow images and article titles

But.. Is it a Widget for Carnet ? Yes, thanks to thardev

Some people were having issues to install Carnet on Nextcloud. This issue was fixed with yesterday evening update

Just because I've noticed that far right people are relunctant to use softwares made by leftist, just for your information, I am leftist

Peace <3

(And vote for me)

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The new 3-column layout of the desktop version of #fluffychat looks sooo nice. 🤗


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