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Bandwidth usage from the last few months. Still far from the 20 TB outgoing that we have.

This also includes traffic to the network drive where video files are stored, so especially the received bandwidth (rx) is not really useful.

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We added some new sections in the official documentation:

* S3 remote storage:
* Instances redundancy:
* Moderate your instance:
* Customize your instance (install plugins & themes):
* PeerTube logs (standard log/audit log):
* Mute accounts/instances:
* Controlled player embed API:

Hope it will help 👍

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@Framasoft just announced its ambitions for 2020:

Among these:
* education on several fronts
* #mobilizon, a platform to mobilize people
* increasing popularity of peertube
* "cloud Framasoft": a single account for several services

If you like the work of #framasoft, you can support its team with a donation:

#mobilizon #peertube

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Ce que Framasoft pourrait faire en 2020 grâce à vos dons

L'éducation populaire au numérique, Peertube, Mobilizon, un service "tout-en-un"... Pour l'année 2020, nous avons encore de nombreuses envies... nous espérons que vous nous donnerez les moyens de les réaliser en r

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Hello Peertube admins out there. If you are experiencing the same issue as us trying to view the latest video from Aral Balkan at the European Parliament from your own instance and not finding it (this should include Framatube, @Framasoft), the good news is that you only need to delete and request to follow it again. Not sure what happened in the first place, but I could see that and both had different old info regarding La Quadrature du Net’s instance catalog.

A quick way to check is to confirm whether your instance is listed on or not. If it’s not (but should be), you are likely having that same issue.

#peertube #europe #peopleFarming (I like this expression!)

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Stickers of Peertube’s mascot from @davidrevoy are available for sale here 💟

You can learn more about it on this nice post.

#peertube #contributopia #art

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's mascot: I made a vector puppet from my sketch in to ease futures derivations and maintainance.

Thread & sources:

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🎉 1.4 released 🎉

This new release includes a basic theme & plugin system, allows users to upload audio files (PeerTube will create videos from them), has a better registration process, a clearer account video channels page and many other features!

This release also adds Finnish, Greek and Scottish Gaelic languages support to the web interface thanks to PeerTube translators!

Thanks to all PeerTube contributors 😘

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@kezzbracey I've seen that question a lot, so I just added the info to the about page on my instance. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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I've finished writing part 1 of "OcapPub: Towards networks of consent", which is to say the "Conceptual Overview" section

There's a lot there already, and we haven't even gotten to Part 2, the "How to Build It" section yet. I'll begin work on that tomorrow.

What's here already is more or less an explanation of *why* OcapPub is taking the particular direction it is taking, and why other approaches run into serious problems.

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#prismedia 0.6.2 released!

We now use new playlist system in Peertube instead of channel 🙂

It's a little release, but very useful and is a step on the #Peertube integration.


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Free yourself, your friends or your community from Facebook when you want to organise and coordinate events with @mobilizon

Free software is free as in freedom, not as in free beer, which is why @Framasoft raises funds through a crowdfunding campaign. There are still 19 days to go to collect the tiny 4.5k€ left, and to fully fund the project.

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If you need help regarding spam, we created a dedidaced section in the documentation:

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