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stale bot for issues: worst idea ever 😡

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I just started a bounty of 250€ for #Peertube support in #Newpipe. Check the issue for detailed information:

@Framasoft please share :)

Météo à Lyon:

01/08: ""Grosse chaleur"
02/08: "Durablement trop chaud"
03/08: "Pesant et pollué"
04/08: "Torride"
05/08: "Soleil et chaleur implacable"
06/08: "Canicule sans fin pesant sur les organismes"
07/08: "Même tendance"

Ça va être sympa :yay:

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Really impressed with the ease of use of the latest #PeerTube, and Mastodon integration.

It just works.

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Et hop, plein de nouvelles chaînes PeerTube dans mes flux RSS en remplacement des équivalentes YouTube, avec beaucoup de beau monde sur d’ailleurs 🙂) :
– Hygiène Mentale :
– La Stat expliquée à mon chat :
– Histony :
– Spline :
– Un Monde Riant :
– Thinkerview :
– Horizon Gull :

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🇫🇷 On a upgradé notre #peertube en beta9 et dans la foulée, on y accueille désormais le studio d'animation libre Morevna ( )

🇬🇧 We upgraded our peertube instance to beta9.
We're proud to now also host a channel for our free animation studio friends from morevna project ( ).

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Made a simple messaging nodejs app implementing #ActivityPub ! It does the trick, but the code is not perfect (i'm just started developing)... I'm working on a complete doc but feel free to ask any questions !
Thanks a lot to @Chocobozzz for his precious help and also @eliotberriot for his advice !

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Just contributed 25€ to #Peertube , I know @Framasoft is good for it ❤. I'm excited for a future in which I don't need to use YouTube anymore 🙂


beta 9 released!

Adds theater/cinema mode, wait transcoding before publishing the video, schedule video publication and more!

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Congrats @Chocobozzz and the whole @Framasoft team on reaching their funding goal for #peertube. There is still 12 days left to reach some stretch goals, but this is already an incredible achievement. #federation #p2p #video

Wait transcoding or schedule video publication when uploading a video :)

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Our #Peertube instance is fully operational. Members of Kitty.Town that would like an account, @ me. I'll probably open it to others as well this week.

Our CoC is pretty standard for all stuff - antifascists only please and thank you.

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You want to know how has been thought?

Its developer, Chocobozzz, has published a blogpost on medium

Thx for sharing !

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Avant, je me sentais fade, triste. Mais depuis que j'ai donné à @Framasoft pour le développement de PeerTube, je vais vachement mieux !

Vous aussi, donnez à PeerTube et retrouvez la pêche !

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Kudos to the contributors who helped us translate the page into Deutsch : \o/ !
BTW, you can also help with the video subtitles here: