Je trouve que le 11 novembre c'est un peu tôt pour la première tempête de neige de la saison.

now that India is joining the fediverse, to make moderation easier we should all simply communicate in proto-Indo-European


trickster faerie (xe/xer): hello, may I have your pronouns?

me (they/them): sure! they/them.

faerie (xe/xer/they/them): thanks, foolish human c:

me ( / ): wait what

In Blade Runner we were promised giant unethical tech companies ruining everything, instead we got giant unethical tech companies ruining everything.

Politique québécoise, ec 

Humanity: We did it! We finally did! We have created a substance that stands the tests of time! We can use this to create objects that will last millennia!

Interviewer: That's amazing! What do you all use it for?

Humanity: Stuff we throw away, mostly.

I used to make "welcome to Mastodon, here is your retro computer, fur suit and copy of the Communist Manifesto" because that seemed to capture most of the demographics here. That's largely unchanged, but I have to add something about gardening and/or permaculture. Because y'all are teaching me so much and making me want to completely overhaul our garden in the spring.

You can tell this survey is older bc
1) they offer gender-nonconforming and genderqueer as options but not nonbinary
2) the sexual identities list is radio buttons not checkboxes

The people of the West Province refrain from speaking its name in full. They are ashamed or frightened, only mentioning it with its two-letter shortening. Sometimes, an individual suggests a name change, but not long passes until they are never heard from again.

Canada politics 🇨🇦 

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