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@Framasoft My one reservation of #peertube is the use of a nonfree mp4 codec as the default. This means that in most cases I can't view video.
@tagomago Yes that's an issue I commented on when I was still on Github. It's a fixable problem. They just need to move to a default codec which doesn't depend upon the decisions of Apple.

The fixes have each a lot of drawbacks, though.

@rigelk @tagomago Might be true. But the ultimate drawback is not being able to play video.

I'm afraid more people wouldn't be able to play the video with the fixes.
-> ogvjs hinders mobile playback a lot
-> vp8/9/others prevent any playback on Apple devices

@rigelk @tagomago Webm works fine. i've tested it on laptops running libre distros and also in Orfox on mobile. The same can't be said for mp4.

@bob @rigelk

What about this: "We use H264/AAC because we use the videostream package to stream data inside a video element. These codecs are the only ones compatible with all web browsers".