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(Illus @davidrevoy )

@Framasoft I love you and your work, carry on 💪
A little feedback though
The Peertube logo isn't that great 😵

@Framasoft @davidrevoy This is awesome! But I wonder, how feasible is it to have something with capabilities like this for the search feature on instances? I think that's an eventual must-have.

@Lambdanaut @davidrevoy

Well, actually, as mentioned in the blogpost, the global search feature was at first available in the search bar of instances (if updated to 2.3 or more and activated by admin) : .
Not only it is feasible: it is already there ;) !

@Framasoft @davidrevoy ah, i wasnt sure if thag was the same as this or not. Woot! This is a gamechanger.

Is it possible that one day we could get a flagship type instance that would show the known peertube universe? It would hold no content but could possibly have user accounts for subscriptions/preferences only for muting/blocking based on their sensibilities.

This would be immensely useful for casual users that are able to understand the YouTube type/centralized model without even realizing/caring about the decentralized nature.

@lps @davidrevoy

I do agree (hi, I'm Pouhiou).

We already maintain an instances index, a plugin directory, a search engine, a presentation website, the documentation website, test instances with a one-man-team

So not only we don't have the manpower to create a flagship instance, but we also want others to take upon themselves such a responsibility.

We would gladly applaud such an initiative.

@lps @Framasoft @davidrevoy What do you mean by a flagship instance ? An instance that would federate with every single other instance ?

As a mod on I can tell you that there is hate instances and/or illegal stuff hosted on instances. This is a problem for the admins of any 'flagship' instance with the law of their coutry.

@Niquarl @Framasoft @davidrevoy I saw just the other day a "federation" of several peertube instances that worked together to mirror videos and promote each other, something similar to a blogroll. This could be a good starting point. Known and trusted instances would show up on this "home" page at first with instances applying to be included in a whitelist.

Another idea would be to make a landing page that would act as a filter, similar to a instance picker for the first time you visit.

Thanks @Framasoft @davidrevoy and all Peertube contributors :)

I tried now. It is so much easier to find videos. Very fast too. With optional handy filters. Love it.

For those interested to contribute to SepiaSearch, its open source code is at

@Framasoft Is the index created by #SepiaSearch openly available, too? If so, what format is it in (eg json,xml, etc) under what license and where is it available from?

I'm interested in running some experiments on it 😈 ... ⚗️ :peertube: 🧪

@Framasoft Thanks. I'm not asking about the crawler code, though. I'm asking about the actual data in your elastic-search database.

@Blort @Framasoft Hello,

The database content is not public but you can setup your own peertube-search-index crawler to build the database

@Chocobozzz @Framasoft

OK. Thanks for letting me know. I figured as much, but wanted to avoid creating from scratch something if it was already available.

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