(not the full pages, but on those pages)

Glad that has my pages archived from before the book release.

I now read the whole book, and there are at least 24 pages that clearly use my texts, but do not share them with the world and instead put them into a copyright cage and claim they were written by someone else.

I just found word-for-word excerpts from my CC-By-SA licensed blog articles about Inkscape in a newly released book about Inkscape from the library, with no credits.

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Help improve #Inkscape for everyone! Learn "How to Report Inkscape Bugs in GitLab" with this step-by-step video: youtube.com/watch?v=3Y7_T_tbGA

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Grabbing an @inkscape T-shirt so that I'm ready for the upcoming hackfest in Pasadena. You can grab one for yourself too:


If you'd like to support the hackfest directly there's also information on that here:


Die neue stabile Inkscape-Version mit Fehlerkorrekturen, kleinen, aber nützlichen, neuen Features und mehr Performance ist da!

Außerdem könnt Ihr in der Vorschauversion 1.0alpha schon jetzt die neuen Funktionen der kommenden Version 1.0 ausprobieren - Euer Feedback hilft dabei, Inkscape für den großen Tag fit zu machen.


Details zur 0.92.4:

Details zur 1.0 (englisch):

Looks like extended their submission deadline until January 23rd!

Enough time for you to prepare an interesting talk - or even just a lightning session - about your application / community / ... !

Listen to Inkscape developer Martin Owens talk about , and working as an open source contractor on the podcast at flossforscience.com/podcast/se

Submit your workshop or presentation proposal for the Libre Graphics Meeting ( ) in Saarbrücken (Germany) from May 29th to June 2nd NOW!

The Call for Participation in the international open source graphics conference ends on January 15th!


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We're making changes to the #Inkscape command line. To be sure we accommodate as many use cases as we can, we need your help! Please post examples and descriptions of how you use the :inkscape: command line here: inkscapeforum.com/viewtopic.ph

(Please also Boost for reach, thanks! 💕 )

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There's been some progress in producing actual free software builds of the Android SDK. We'll need some help tp bring it over the finish line: forum.f-droid.org/t/call-for-h
#foss #fdroid #android

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Have a story idea about the #Inkscape :inkscape: project that should be on our web site? We want to know about it! Reply with your idea(s) & how you can help us tell it.

(Please boost, just because you're amazing like that!)

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"freieFarbe/freeColour is proud to have achieved a major milestone in its attempts to liberate #colour. Its CIE-based approach to #color #standardisation has been approved by by the German #DIN as DIN SPEC 16699 (freely available for download after registration under: beuth.de/de/technische-regel/d).
This means that, at least in countries that take DIN #standards seriously, there's now a truly open alternative to #Pantone et al. available.
Moreover, fF has created a new Colour Atlas with the addition "XL". It comprises 13283 FOGRA-certified colours. Most importantly, the Colour Atlas is being printed with inks and on materiel that are supposed to last as long as possible and to retain its reliability as long as currently technically possible. (The Swiss and German approach to products)
Each copy of the atlas includes a certification regarding its accuracy, which is very different from colour references produced by commercial colour vendors.
Digital versions of the Colour Atlas and the underlying data can be freely downloaded here: freiefarbe.de/wp-content/uploa
Enjoy the #freecolour standard!"

Currently all male panel it seems but interesting to see how it #CIE unfold?

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We're happy to learn #Tagesschau (German public-service TV news) having their own #F-Droid repo: service.tagesschau.de/app/repo

It features their official app and is a great move towards user rights and freedom. Sadly the app isn't free and open source software, although it's financed by taxpayers’ money.

If it is public money, it should be public code as well. #PublicCode


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The first of four #InkscapeHackfest videos was just published! Discussion about the #UI. Watch now: youtube.com/watch?v=dqGgsQitDp :inkscape:!

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A report by Chris Rogers about the Inkscape Hackfest in Kiel is now online (with pictures!):


I just did the evaluation of our Kielux visitor survey sheets - an overwhelming 96% of submissions rated Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage with 'good' or 'very good' - and there were 9 new persons who said they would be interested in helping with organization.

We'll take that as encouragement to continue working for Kielux and with the additional help, we can hopefully make it even better for you :)

The first day of Kielux ends with a community barbecue, and two of our Inkscape developers are still here, and talk and laugh about Inkscape matters.

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