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EN: H \o N K! 16th Pepper and Carrot MINI! Let's present one magic school of Hereva... with colors! \o/

FR : H \o N K ! 16ème Pepper et Carrot MINI ! Présentons une des écoles de magie d'Hereva... en couleurs ! \o/

H \o N K! The next is ready to paint! :o) I had to change some workflow for rendering the episodes, and move the project repo into the main one. New source repo here: . Now it's time! ;o)

EN: H \o N K! 15th Pepper and Carrot MINI! Pepper brings a new power into th mini world!

FR : H \o N K ! 15ème Pepper et Carrot MINI ! Pepper apporte un nouveau pouvoir au mini monde !

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Black Tea (Hong-cha)

Finished, same methods different #krita presets than my usual. 🙃

#mastoart #illustration #linuxartists #fashion #quiralta

And this is my first attempt to colorize with Krita 4.0!

Thanks to @davidrevoy for awesome tutorials and live streamings, it brings some life to learning ;) ( )

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Some progress on shading. Difficult part, hard to choose the right brush at the right moment, but I am learning :o)

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Little screen pause :o) have a nice day :o)

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Indigenous Punk 10
Jaguar Spirit. 🐆

Closing this set at ten, just need to do some good scans. It was a fun exploration of media that I didn't give much thought previously. Time to something new 🙃

#mastoart #illustration #fashion #ink #ballpen #quiralta

GMIC filters and colorize mask of are awesome! :-D

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Indigenous-Punk 7

Some more #ink , this time trying some #ballpen instead of pencil.

Funny thing these ballpens are freebies my wife got from health symposiums, they come in a shape of a carrot, and by far the best pens I had tried 😆 🥕

#mastoart #illustration #fashion #quiralta

Soon, the biggest mystery of ...

After a nice walk 🌹 😀

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Quick sketching of kites while i was on the beach (Berck, North of France)

I really liked doing this 😃