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H \o N K

To infinity and beyond! Fairy express: faster than a broom! :o)

H \o N K

Random drawing of the night, Cayenne from Pepper and Carrot. "Surrender to my will!"

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I was painting a very difficult wrongly lighted eighties photo, passing the 2Gb memory line 😁, it still may need a detail, or not, would see 😺

#krita #digitalart #fashion #quiralta

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Almost done with this painting, as always putting #Krita 4.x (alpha) on a test. doing just fine 😺

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[] « Le programme du Capitole du Libre 2017, les 18 & 19 novembre à @INP_ENSEEIHT, Toulouse est en ligne » via @capitoledulibre

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During one of my inktobers I accidentally spilled ink on the paper, right on the character face, was going to be trashed but I felt bad to waste the rest of the sheet, thus I did repurpose it 😺

You can do a "spot the difference" but backwards 😆

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📕 [en] Téléchargez mes trentes et uns dessins réalisés pour dans un e-book PDF! C'est gratuit/libre, CC-By et prêt pour une édition avec votre imprimante maison.


📕 [en] Download my thirty one artworks done for in a high quality PDF ebook! It's free/libre, CC-By and ready for a publishing with your home printer.

Petit test avec de l'encre. Peut-être que je vais garder cette approche pour les Pepper et Carrot Mini :o)

Lil test with ink. Maybe I'll keep this way for Pepper and Carrot Mini :o)

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L'intégralité du ici :

Peut-être une traduction un jour...

Maybe a translation one day...

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We made it!😤 Last day of the Inktober, it was a fun challenge and a good excuse to practice and experiment, also part of it served me as therapy and mood enhancer. 🐒

For the last one I made Hayashi into a a mix of #lolita and #diadelosmuertos custom, also brought back a #ballpen for shading. Any way, Once again thank you all for stopping by, will also put everything on order on my site (eventually) Cheers!

Day 31: Mask
#inkbrush #calligraphypen #inktober #inktober2017 #quiralta cc-nc-nd😺


Last ! It was funny, Now I am not scared to draw with ink (even if I have to improve a lot).

Happy Halloween !

[PACK 2]

AUTEUR: N'oublie pas de te détruire la main à force de changer de style d'écriture.

Fin du textober ! A l'année prochaine :D

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31. Mask

[fr] Dernier dessin d'Inktober ! Merci à vous tous pour tous vos retours durant ce mois et Joyeux Halloween!

[en] Last Inktober artwork!
Thanks everyone for all your feedback during this month and Happy Halloween!

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