EN: H \o N K! 22th Pepper and Carrot MINI! The first one full digital! :D We present Pepper's school, Chaosah! With tons of guests! Enjoy! deviantart.com/nartance/art/Pe

FR : H \o N K ! 22ème Pepper et Carrot MINI ! Le premier full digital ! :D On présente ici l'école de Pepper, Chaosah ! Avec des tas de guests ! Enjoy ! deviantart.com/nartance/art/Pe

Some sketch of Mad Chocolate :P when Faory believes that she can be evil...

To follow a little roleplay between Fairy, Witchy and the Dark Sorcerer, an OC of @ManuellArts , here a collaborative art where Fairy is testing Long Hair Potion from a watering can to look like him x)
ManuellArts account on Twitter: twitter.com/ManuellArts

Nartance a partagé

Quick sketch of Fairy with an alternative hair cut ^^ good night! \o

10 years ago, a young man stood in his bedroom. He's waiting for a name. And it was the beginning of the most incredible adventure of all time.

Happy birthday Homestuck! Happy birthday, John.


I am not very active these days ; I need a "sleeping program" suggested by Witchy ^_^

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