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Today is , and I'd like to encourage you to checkout and :


It may seem weird to use beta or nightly software as an end user, but I'm using Firefox Nightly in production at work and at home, and it's been a blast!
On my phone, I use Firefox Beta to reduce bandwidth usage.

Also, Firefox Beta is currently the fabled FF 57 aka the first output of "Project Quantum"... It's. Crazy. Fast.

and respects your privacy, go for it!

J'aime beaucoup le logo en bas a droite sur cette affiche (chez mon ophtalmo)

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[fr] J'ai eu la chance de créer quatre larges illustrations pour l’excellente équipe de sur le projet Contributopia , et c'est aujourd'hui la sortie: contributopia.org/fr/home/ 🎆 Bonne visite!

[en] I had the chance to create four large illustrations for the exellent team of on the project Contributopia, and the release date is today:
contributopia.org/en/home/ 🎆 Have a good visit!

framapiaf.org/media/AQq2TANPrh framapiaf.org/media/g823sum4FV framapiaf.org/media/llT0CszK9h framapiaf.org/media/zIaF2_hTX4

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Julian Murgia a partagé

still #libreMonday I guess.

#siril [ free-astro.org/index.php/Siril ] all in one tool for astrophotography. It can do noise and vignet reduction using dark, bias frames etc. It can align images using different strategies depending on what you are aligning and stack images. While it works with .fits / .ser files, it will convert your .tiff and .jpeg images to these formats. (for the other direction #gimp can open and convert .fits files)

For wide angle photos that has too many stars and lens distortion, #hugin works better, but for portrait and telephoto details with few or no stars I use Siril. Siril is also useful for using darks/bias noise reduction if you have those frames in hand. :)

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Je viens de lire une belle sottise.

L'instance historique de Mastodon est en vrac. L'admin est loin de tout clavier, alors ça va rester en vrac un moment, quelques heures.

Et pourtant nous discutons. Tranquilou. Et nous avons discuté. Bon, privés de nos camarades sur les instances en panne, mais le réseau tourne.

C'est *précisément* la preuve qu'un réseau décentralisé est plus solide, et plus résilient.

Mais on lit le contraire par endroit.

Les gens seraient bêtes ?

New today! Fellow gamers, I've thought about a game I've been playing for a long time and helped its translation from 🇬🇧 to 🇫🇷 with Sylvain Beucler.
Its name : Dink Smallwood is an RPG by RTSoft which has been freed some time ago now
Official website: bit.ly/2fLH0ap
GNU Freedink : portable version of the game engine bit.ly/2xROaQT
The Dink Network : LOAD of DMods to increase the game's life.
framapiaf.org/media/f0OyZ_ckHt framapiaf.org/media/Oj4Ng1Xtph

Very late but this one is worth the wait.
For French and German fellows (tschüss!), I propose the very nice Qarte tool (launchpad.net/qarte) which allows you to download easily past week Arte's TV programs, easily and efficiently. Gotta love it, hopefully this one will be available on ? :D framapiaf.org/media/CKzQeuaSAX

If the upward trend keeps the same, we should reach the objective in ~3.34 days graphtreon.com/creator/godoten

is not so successful today :'( Come on guys, let's share stuff!

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If you're looking for a lightweight, good looking and powerful calculator, I highly recommend !

It's cross-platform, portable and you can type easily any kind of simple or advanced formula and see the results in real time. Ah, and of course! :)

Homepage: speedcrunch.org
Source repo (GPL-2.0+): bitbucket.org/heldercorreia/sp

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Belated about one of my favorite games, Endless Sky!

Trade, explore and fight in the sky in this impressively polished game, both gameplay, storytelling and art wise. The main dev Michael Zahniser is an great artist :)

Version 0.9.8 was released yesterday, go grab it! Warning: very addictive :D

Homepage: endless-sky.github.io
Source (GPL-3.0+ and various permissive CC for assets): github.com/endless-sky/endless

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We recently released the first alpha build of Godot 3.0, with a brand new state-of-the-art physically based rendering (PBR) engine and tons of new features :)


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Ils font chier Blizzard, à chaque nouvelle maj de starcraft brood war, oui le vieux tout moche mais néanmoins gratuit, il ne fonctionne plus avec Wine. 😡

Je découvre seulement qu'il existe des ici, avec tout ce que ça comporte de départs en fanfare.
Je ne me sens pas concerné, ne pouetant pas souvent (et je tweete encore moins). Pourtant, je ne peux m'empêcher de constater que ceux qui se plaignent le plus sont aussi les plus bavards et les plus virulents dans leurs prises de positions. Je me demande si le terme "attention whore" est approprié pour ce genre de cas. -_-


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