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Leaving for toot.cafe/@accessiblestef

Je pars vers toot.cafe/@accessiblestef
(Merci @Framasoft pour le poisson, et si besoin pour ce-que-vous-savez, je suis sur toot.cafe mais je vous aime encore 😙)


Leaving for toot.cafe/@accessiblestef

Je pars vers toot.cafe/@accessiblestef
(Merci @Framasoft pour le poisson, et si besoin pour ce-que-vous-savez, je suis sur toot.cafe mais je vous aime encore 😙)

> We should move away from the “ will fix it” mentality and put more effort into “Let’s give web authors more out of the box for richer components”


by @marcozehe
echoes daverupert.com/2019/12/why-det

Good thinking.

"<details>/<summary> is the most accordion-like thing I’ve ever seen and yet it can’t be used as an accordion"

#a11y #accessibility

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This is the face of a very happy visually impaired voter!

Thanks to a last minute memo from @cabinetofficeuk I was able to seek permission from my polling officer to use a magnifier app on my phone.

I voted independently & in private for the first time! #VIVote #GE2019 🗳👩🏼‍🦯

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) puts a stake in the ground for international writing modes w3.org/2019/12/pressrelease-cs

I love that Kodansha's testimonial is 1. in Japanese, 2. written as it should be (top to bottom, right to left). I can't read it but just spent a full minute gazing at the beauty of its rendering.

This is a proper testimonial (duh) of the good work put forward by Richard Ishida and the whole CSS + Internationalization Groups at @w3c

@tink @aardrian

Of course I know it depends on contexte, just looking around and trying to establish basic ground rules as permitted vs. no-no.

+ @yatil who may have a say on this too :)

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Wondering about the robustness of using emojis as alt text, any inputs @tink @aardrian et al?

eg. `<img src="" alt="✉">` translates as "graphic, envelope", but I wonder how well it works across platforms.

Would you advise on using it anyway or against and use plain text?

Because I know emojis are now widely recognized by screen readers, have tested and am wondering if we can let projects get away with that or if we should say no.

Depuis 2006, Paris Web met tout en œuvre pour promouvoir le développement d'un web de qualité proposant un événement humain, accessible, convivial, inclusif et éthique. Vous souhaitez soutenir la prochaine édition pour la rendre encore plus accessible, éthique et inclusive, contactez-nous : partenariats@paris-web.fr #tech4good #accessibilité #inclusion

Découverte du jour, il y a 3 langues des signes en Suisse (Français, Allemand et Italien) #onApprendTousLesJours #accessibilité

Two posts about Jim Thatcher, old-school digital accessibility pro:

His site: jimthatcher.com/

Leading the way since before I could bang two rocks together.

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leonardocolor.io/ is a web app for generating accessible color palettes using WCAG compliant contrast ratios. Used by Adobe for our Spectrum design system.

It's open source! github.com/adobe/leonardo

Congrats on the release, @NateBaldwinArt!

J’avais oublié cet entretien qui a presque 1 an, mais je ne retire pas un mot de tout le mal que je pense des « plugins accessibilité magiques » et de la nécessité de formation des designers.

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Design éthique et accessibilité du Web ? 👉 "L’accessibilité ne se corrige pas, elle se conçoit. Cela doit être anticipé."@webetcaetera@twitter.com
La suite de l'interview ici bit.ly/2EsezHI
#InclusiveDesign #WebForAll #ux

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Hi, my name is Brad and my favorite hobby is scrolling up through Slack to try to find the beginning of the fucking conversation.

“Fast learns, slow remembers.” and other very, very exciting and interesting thoughts from
@adactio –video: vimeo.com/373128517

Things went too fast by and I didn't have the time to even shake hands at Paris Web.

Take 45 minutes and listen to Jeremy.

Oyez, Oyez :) La vidéo de ma conférence à #BlendWebMix du 13 Novembre est en ligne.
Un sujet important, des chiffres, des constats, des conseils.
Merci d’avance pour vos retours.
#ExclusionNumérique #Design #UX

@pvagner @Mastodon It was an absolute pleasure to work with @ConnyDuck and @charlag on the @Tusky #a11y enhancements. I can say without exaggeration that it was one of the most pleasurable and productive exchanges with an open-source project team.

A propos de l'accessibilité "Ce qui est honteux, ce n'est pas de ne pas savoir, ce qui est honteux, c'est de ne pas vouloir savoir" #dinum #accessibilité


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