Was working in dozen-screen SPA this morning, shifted in seat, accidentially two-finger swiped right, which triggers ’Back’ in Chrome. Lost all my work because dev did not consider managing history object.

I Used a Switch Control for a Day - 24 Accessibility 24a11y.com/2018/i-used-a-switc

Mostly unheard-of experience of many users out there. (Also, excruciatingly slow.)

Quick note on CSS focus: I never understood the energy spent to remote it all the time. It is as important as your cursor.
Wanna be an OK human being? Next release please restore it & make the Web a better place than it was before #accessibility #abstractionscon @abstractionscon@twitter.com

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With the recent trend/return to static sites, I'm noticing a lot of people are not including RSS feeds. Please, if you post articles regularly or have anything resembling a blog, provide a feed. Yes, RSS is *still* a thing!

In short, add-on accessibility is always worse (technically, in effort, in cost, in user experience) than just building it correctly from the start.

#accessibiity #content
"Accessibility Strategies for Your Content Team" read this, share it with anyone who need to put content in a site at some point, we need to educate our content writers about simple heading semantics, alt texts, etc! deque.com/blog/accessibility-s

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Happy Monday everyone. A good exploration of accessibility issues of tooltips from @codingchaos@twitter.com . Enjoy! #a11y sarahmhigley.com/writing/toolt

Last year at at Mozilla Hackathon I volunteered to tackle tool-tips. After an intervention I gave up. Sarah nicely summarizes why tool-tips are such a mess.

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Tooltips: a study in why something so basic is also somehow so difficult.

(I'm trying out this whole blog thing, I hope it goes well!)


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Every day I work with teams building custom widgets. They almost always fail to spec them well. An effort: adrianroselli.com/2019/08/basi

> Until a couple of years ago, the browsers did not treat generated content as “real” content. They did not expose it to like .
For visual users, the link text “Get the Report (PDF)” would have been clear. But “(PDF)” was not conveyed to screen readers and other assistive technologies […] so browsers started to treat as actual content.

by @yatil

Hey and welcome to all #mastoart #artist newbies! I hope you find your way around mastodon and the fediverse, feel free to ask any questions that arise!

Here's a general hint to get started: We value #accessibility very much over here, so please make sure to add image descriptions as well as content warnings to your #art where applicable. A lot of people only boost ("RT") images with descriptions, so this will likely increase your reach!

Thanks and happy artsing!

Still appalled at the number of multilingual articles in the press (spoiler: vast majority) that completely ignore the `lang` attribute.

This defeats the purpose of accessibility. This is one of the completely invisble crusades I've led for years.

I think all bikes and scooters need a qr code/number so that the companies can be informed centrally and punish/charge their customers for behavior like this. Otherwise they will never learn to park their bikes/scooters properly.
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I'm a wheelchair user and I'm so fucking tired of people leaving these bikes and scooters wherever they want. For able bodied folx it's an inconvenience but for me it me…

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New WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey #8 is now available - webaim.org/projects/screenread If you use a screen reader, please complete and share. Your responses provide valuable data and promote better accessibility.

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