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Rémi Verschelde @akien@framapiaf.org

Suite à des observations de terrain, je pense pouvoir affirmer qu'un bébé se dirige toujours vers l'objet le plus dangereux à portée.

Je pense qu'il y a un truc à faire pour remplacer les portiques des aéroports.


I'm glad #KRACK was disclosed responsibly, with a 3-month embargo, so that vendors could prepare fixes and have them ready in time for the public announcement.

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Today is , and I'd like to encourage you to checkout and :


It may seem weird to use beta or nightly software as an end user, but I'm using Firefox Nightly in production at work and at home, and it's been a blast!
On my phone, I use Firefox Beta to reduce bandwidth usage.

Also, Firefox Beta is currently the fabled FF 57 aka the first output of "Project Quantum"... It's. Crazy. Fast.

and respects your privacy, go for it!

Rock Paper Shotgun's Dominic Tarason dons his cape and rocket boots for a quick tour around my little text adventure with FPS style controls, The Spicy Meatball Saves The Day


Hello ! 🍍

You and your friends need to know about this amazing game engine 🎮, so watch, boost and spread the word! 🗣


@framasky Lutim est hors service ? J'ai un "504 Gateway Time-out" sur lut.im depuis hier (au moins, pas testé les jours d'avant).

matrix.org/ is having temporary problems after a bad deploy (updating to a groups-capable version of synapse); will be back asap

It's #LibreMonday again!

This time I suggest something that's not complete and available yet, but I really want to see it succeed!

The Librem 5 by @Purism will be a smartphone designed to respect your privacy. It will run completely free (as in speech) software by default but it will be able to run many different Linux distros.

There is a crowdfunding going on with only a few days left and it's looking pretty good so far! puri.sm/shop/librem-5/

Much 💙 to the people at Purism! :)

[fr] Photo de fin d'une première semaine de pre-production incroyable avec le réalisateur Andy Goralczyk[1]. Il s'est déplacé en France sur Montauban pour qu'on puisse bosser ensemble. C'était génial!

[en] Ending photo after an amazing week of pre-production with the director Andy Goralczyk [1]. He came to France in my city Montauban so we could work together! It was great!


[1] artificial3d.com/visual/


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Today marks the first anniversary of #Mastodon! 🎂

What's your favorite Mastodon memory so far? 🐘 Share them with the hashtag #MastodonMemory!


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New today! Fellow gamers, I've thought about a game I've been playing for a long time and helped its translation from 🇬🇧 to 🇫🇷 with Sylvain Beucler.
Its name : Dink Smallwood is an RPG by RTSoft which has been freed some time ago now
Official website: bit.ly/2fLH0ap
GNU Freedink : portable version of the game engine bit.ly/2xROaQT
The Dink Network : LOAD of DMods to increase the game's life.
framapiaf.org/media/f0OyZ_ckHt framapiaf.org/media/Oj4Ng1Xtph

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still #libreMonday I guess.

#siril [ free-astro.org/index.php/Siril ] all in one tool for astrophotography. It can do noise and vignet reduction using dark, bias frames etc. It can align images using different strategies depending on what you are aligning and stack images. While it works with .fits / .ser files, it will convert your .tiff and .jpeg images to these formats. (for the other direction #gimp can open and convert .fits files)

For wide angle photos that has too many stars and lens distortion, #hugin works better, but for portrait and telephoto details with few or no stars I use Siril. Siril is also useful for using darks/bias noise reduction if you have those frames in hand. :)

@Gargron Decentralization has benefits but also at least one major cost: #discoverability is hard.

That’s probably most of the reason why journalists and domain experts don’t move from #Twitter to #Mastodon.

That in turn is why I haven’t abandoned Twitter.

(You guessed it — those hashtags were an attempt at discoverability.)

Increased character limit is Mastodon's least important feature, albeit a nice perk

Mastodon's primary strength are the decentralization (resilience to failures, government censorship, distributed nature of the moderation and ability to own your own megaphone) and the power dynamic between the product and the users. It is free and open source, and does not seek to exploit the user through ads or surveillance; it is, rather, made by the users for the users.