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Rémi Verschelde @akien

Mais je me demande .... Conseillez-vous à vos proches #Mastodon ou gardez vous le secret cette implémentation oStatus pour avoir une double vie ?

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That is an iPad 3 display, connected to my laptop.


#imageMagick [imagemagick.org/] is the other CLI tool I use regularly. It has many image modification features: resizing, converting between file types, color management, creating gifs and even drawing.

I use imageMagick for averaging already aligned images and occasionally scaling them when creating the super-resolution images. (Another advantage to imageMagick is that you can turn an operation with exact settings into a script - or at least a copy-pastable command that is somewhere in your notes). :)

#LibreMonday #FOSS

SimpleScreenRecorder is a GPL-3.0 licensed application for recording and streaming games on #Linux. It's not as feature rich as OBS, but, as the name suggests, it's very simple to use.

I've used it for almost all of my videos on YouTube, and found it more than adequate for my needs, in most cases.

Website: maartenbaert.be/simplescreenre
Repository: github.com/MaartenBaert/ssr

Another #LibreMonday!!

I think nobody mentioned RenderDoc yet 😱

RenderDoc is a graphics debugger for most common graphic APIs, like #OpenGL, #Vulkan and #DirectX.

It's a really cool project and it already helped saving so many hours chasing bugs that were really hard to find, so I definitely can recommend it!



@StraToN Indeed, this is one of my favorite games and I'm always really impressed by the amazing progress they've done over the recent years.

Carrying on with FLOSS games I enjoy for . I can't believe no one talked about this one yet on becuase it really diserves it and get better and better with each release. I'm talking about (GPL3), of course!

framapiaf.org/media/nQyDqyO1Iw framapiaf.org/media/uhqx7APAFZ framapiaf.org/media/TPxnxwcvPt

If you're looking for a lightweight, good looking and powerful calculator, I highly recommend !

It's cross-platform, portable and you can type easily any kind of simple or advanced formula and see the results in real time. Ah, and of course! :)

Homepage: speedcrunch.org/
Source repo (GPL-2.0+): bitbucket.org/heldercorreia/sp

Guys, rejoice, today's again!

That hashtag has seen some nice contributions, but I'd still want to see more.

Go ahead and post about the and software you use and like!

Sharing is caring and that's a great way to contribute back to your favorite projects :)

Check framapiaf.org/tags/libremonday for existing posts.

Let's make it into the top 5 of hashtag today :)

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The interface part of The Text Adventure Project is done for now. Testing saloon scene works, and I've got a basic story/game format. Time to write a short something for this. #gamedev moe.neon.moe/media/3ftLJD-B3SM

@akien Hmm this reminds me of a similar, FLOSS game called "naev" that can make a nice entry for blog.naev.org/ framapiaf.org/media/dVvsMfxh6O

@Zylann I'm always impressed by your progress :D

Belated about one of my favorite games, Endless Sky!

Trade, explore and fight in the sky in this impressively polished game, both gameplay, storytelling and art wise. The main dev Michael Zahniser is an great artist :)

Version 0.9.8 was released yesterday, go grab it! Warning: very addictive :D

Homepage: endless-sky.github.io/
Source (GPL-3.0+ and various permissive CC for assets): github.com/endless-sky/endless

!freegaming !gamedev Today I've published my game for #LOWREZJAM . There are still a few things I'm not happy with and it is really short. (I guess ~10 min to see everything.) But at the end of the day I'm happy with the result of my work because the time I had to work on this was very limited. I don't expact to win. As long I am not on the last place I will be happy.