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#LibreMonday lichess.org is an awesome website for playing and learning #chess. The only thing I’m missing from chess.com are the correspondence tournaments.

The #lichess android application is also great, and even provides offline tools like a blitz clock to play chess on a real board next to the phone (which seems better than the stand-alone one I found on #fdroid - not sure why lichess app is not on fdroid).

Any of you gamedevs here attending FOSDEM or GodotCon in Brussels this weekend? Would love to meet up!

So for #LibreMonday here is a software i really love now, Zim - A Desktop Wiki.

And no databases or file formats keeps all your data in folders and markdown/.text files


Vokselia is the largest Minecraft map we've imported into Avoyd. It took a while to load but it worked!

We've open sourced the importer we used for this at github.com/dougbinks/enkiMI #LibreMonday #FOSS

Well, my week is in chaos, so, posting this today, although this should go to #LibreMonday:

You like the power of #ffmpeg and all it's options, but would LOOOVE to have a proper GUI with preset system that would allow to modify all settings for ffmpeg within the GUI? Or you just hate going looking into a man page every time you need to encode something every once in a while?

Meet "traGtor", versatile, complex, but still logicaly layed-out GUI for ffmpeg:



gitk is a GUI allowing you to see the state and history of a #git repo and survive in git hell.

It’s a really nice tool, big thanks to people who worked on it.

Voting for the #Linux GOTY award is now open, soft-launch while I make sure it works: gamingonlinux.com/goty.php

Il n'y a pas tellement de catholiques ici, alors il faut que je vous révèle les secrets de l'eau bénite.

Ça commence avec le type de bénitier. La plupart sont propriétaires et ne fonctionnent qu'avec de l'eau bénite officielle du Vatican©. L'église traque les prêtres qui font leur propre eau bénite, car elle ne serait pas d'une sainteté suffisante.

Et puis il faut tenir compte de la génération du bénitier utilisé.

(suite en réponse)

OK #opensource fediverse, today's question: Code #Signing.

How do you do it, are there recommended CAs for #FOSS projects?
Can you get certified as a juridical person or only as a natural person?
Can you sign for all platforms using the same certificate?

Come and meet the #GodotEngine community on 3-4 Feb 2018 at #FOSDEM and 5-6 Feb at our very own #GodotCon, both in Brussels 🇧🇪

It will be a great opportunity for Europeans to meet @reduz and discuss Godot 3 and beyond!


Les captcha me collent à la peau... 🎶


#Carla is a plugin host. It works with both Jack and native audio setup in Linux / Win / Mac. It features a rack for linearly connecting plugins as well as a patchbay. It can run LV2s VSTs, soundfonts (sf2 and sfz), etc, etc

In addition to being standalone software, You can run Carla also as a plugin in another daw like #LMMS

I use Carla as a patchbay and to use plugins and soundfonts on a live playing and practice.

(the screenshot also features #ZynAddSubFx - a feature-rich opensource synth)

Proposing a new recurring . Who's in?

The idea: free/libre and open source source () projects that you like, giving a screenshot and basic information + links.

This should help many of us users discover hidden gems of the ecosystem.

Please boost 🍍 and give it a go!

#LibreMonday for #Krita my main tool...

The image is my version of the Krita mascot..

Je vous fais passer l'offre d'emploi pour du développement ++ et sur avec mes collègues et moi, qui peux éventuellement vous coopter.


N'hésitez pas à m'envoyer un message.


#Pollen is a poll website allowing you to use various voting method like Borda, Condorcet and such: pollen.cl/#/home
Tons of options in there, I just hope someday they will also add support for en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Majority (I opened a ticket for it gitlab.nuiton.org/chorem/polle )

It’s licensed under #AGPL, you can host your own. Let’s hope someone package this for #yunohost at some point.

Pour les Frenchies du côté de Toulouse : ce week-end c'est le du Libre, et ça s'annonce excellent !

Ne manquez pas d'y rencontre des devs de , qui feront notamment une présentation du moteur et un atelier de création de jeu vidéo : godotengine.org/article/godot-