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copy-as-org-mode: A Firefox Add-on (WebExtension) to copy selected web page into Org-mode formatted text! #Emacs #OrgMode #Firefox


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I wish this channel existed over two years ago when I first tried #emacs

Odysee, if that's your thing:

Also, just want to remind people that @yisraeldov also has a very helpful series on the subject:$/list/20a4fe5f8ca2

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You can set up limited recurring tasks, such as a big project broken into chunks, in #Emacs #OrgMode by setting up the first task including the todo status, date (plain, scheduled, deadline etc.), and any priority, and then tapping C-c C-x c to clone it. You are prompted to specify how many copies you want and then the time period to stagger them by, and you'll get your clones as specified. It's much more convenient IMO for tasks that end than recurring tasks specified with a date recurring marker like +1d or +1w on the date line, since the latter is effectively endless until you delete it--though you can end them for good by doing C--1 C-c C-t (C-c C-t with a -1 prefix argument).

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The new excellent -News article by Sacha Chua, on 2021-03-01, has listed 58 ressources, in 13 categories, from (13 items!) to LISP, from Coding to Packages:
And even the Paris «Atelier Emacs» on March 4th :-)
Happy Emacsing!

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i feel like trying #emacs for a bit because why not.

have been using #vim for over 8 months (neovim, more recently) and i want to get comfy with emacs as well. Just the basics. And it also just seems like a fun editor (and more than an editor?)

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Hmmm, so after using emacs (spacemacs) for right about 2 months...haha, this shit is great. I wish I'd heard of spacemacs sooner. I've more or less stopped using other editors entirely.

Though I think i will stop short of the super hard core emacs users that use emacs for *everything*. I do not want an emacs based window manager...

But I'm having fun, and have started the first steps towards writing some packages.

Someone stop me before I elisp again...

#emacs #spacemacs #texteditor

(I reeeeeally need to get better about adding tags to posts since mastodon does searches differently than birdsite.)

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Is there anyone here who uses Emacs Org Mode for writing, journaling, task management, productivity?
And is this software still great and usable for non-programmer or non-developer ?

#emacs #linux #orgmode #question

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A reminder to everyone working with #Emacs that, as a #Lisp system, Emacs Lisp has a proper REPL available.

M-x ielm

(Short for "inferior Emacs Lisp mode". Available also under C-c e i.)

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Assigning your copyright to the Free Software Foundation helps us defend the GPL and keep software free. Thanks to James Norman Vladimir Cash, Laurence Warne, and Leon Vack #Emacs for assigning their copyright to the FSF! #GNU

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