Please excuse me for the behaviour of the Dutch politicians, including Neelie Kroes.

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You'll only get essential information about your flexible trip with in Nijmegen and Arnhem if you book with a proprietary app ("Breng Flex"). But as the service runs on public money, it should be public code as well. They could publish the app on , couldn't they?

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Microsoft is shutting down their DRM-locked ebook store, and taking away every book that every one of its customers acquired effective July 1. DRM ebooks are never safe! Learn more about our fight against #DRM:
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Fuck reCaptcha.

I am sick of doing unpaid labour classifying images for Google.

We need a captcha widget that contributes to the global commons instead of siphoning value into yet another proprietary lockbox.

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If you want to show #PeerTube to friends but you're worried about NSFW videos appearing on the front page, you could try showing them this instance:

A couple of other safe interesting instances too:

VidCommons: a collection of creative commons and public domain films

Blender: the official PeerTube instance for the Blender foundation, including their films

Tens of thousands of people are now on the streets of Europe protesting against , as reported by . Only one outlet - Dutch public broadcaster - keeps total silence: "let them watch brexit"

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The empowers software users to exert control over the technology that is so deeply involved in every aspect of our lives today. As a non-profit organisation, our work is backed by the continuous and generous contributions of our supporters.

Kom langs bij de @fsfe kraam op de bijeenkomst in Utrecht, pak onze nieuwste infomaterialen en stickers mee en praat met ons over . Ons vriendelijke team kijkt uit naar uw spannende vragen en gesprekken!

is met een kraam aanwezig op de bijeenkomst op 16 maart van 10.00 tot 16.00 uur op Tamboersdijk 9 in Utrecht. Kom langs en maak een praatje over en maak een keuze uit ons assortiment kleding, tassen, koelkastmagneten en pins. Nieuw: T-shirts. En: alle T-shirts nu ook in XXL! cc @nllgg

Dutch tax authority sends me the same letter twice.

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♲ Breaking: @ManfredWeber and the @EPPGroup want the vote on #Article13 and the Copyright Directive moved ahead to next week to pre-empt the #SaveYourInternet/#StopACTA2 protests! We need a public outcry to stop this!

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