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André Ockers

Connochaetes taurinus albojubatus?

I don't bow for the manupilating civil servants here in the .

The "news" is that is dead, but according to my it isn't.

We are the citizens and we will win.

Peculiar that in the imprint of Dutch media the word is usually not translated. There is a perfect translation for it: auteursrecht.

"Publiek Geld? Publieke Code!": meer talen, meer supporters, groter bewustzijn -

It's ten days after I've left and I'm missing .

Heat wave or no heat wave, I'm translating for .

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Facebook and Twitter sold data to Cambridge Analytica, Dropbox gives research companies access to user data,... That's no accident, illegal attack or whatever. That's their business model. If you are not the customer you are the product. You have the choice! Free, decentralized & open solutions are in front of you, you just have to pick them up.

The word "civil servant" carries no meaning in the as these totalitarian hypocrites don't serve the public. They serve themselves. Rotten maffia, that's what they are.

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Sadly will shut down on 5th of September. So we have to move on.

You can find us here:


Please follow us there to get the latest updates and to interact with us.

Across the payers are celebrating the opening of the new subway line in . The is 9.7 kilometers, took 20 years to build and has cost roughly euro's. ! -

Back from an electronics departement store. Before buying I check the package. If the hardware requires an app that is not on -Droid, then I do not need it. It's the !

Pondering the system in the , where the children of the authorities and the children of the calvinist preachers have to do significantly less to get the same, or higher, results.
Happy everybody!

Here in , which is run by the maffia, it works like this if you file complaint against a civil servant:
1. City hall will do nothing.
2. City hall will pass the complaint to the civil servant.
3. The civil servant will demand an explanation from you.
Happy everybody!

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Back from , I'm wishing all French citizens, including the Freedom Fighters of , a very happy celebration of , on this 14th of July! ! !

Reached "Ihr Einkaufsbahnhof" in .