I'm not surprised that a Dutch Justice Department employee has been caught in with 2 kilograms of cocaine, 6 kilograms of meth and 10.000 xtc pills - nos.nl/artikel/2294159-in-duit -

As an exploited worker, I have to constantly adapt to the (personal and shared) interests of the abusing class, which includes but is not limited to, lying civil servants. That's class war from above in the .

Please excuse me for the Dutch foreign policy.

Félicitations à tous les Français Libres. Veuillez m'excuser si le Premier ministre néerlandais n'est pas capable de chanter l'hymne national français -

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Open Document Format (ODF) is LibreOffice's native file format for storing documents. But how is it developed – and how can we all help to improve it? Regina Henschel explains all: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

A mail warehouse on the edge of , this afternoon.

I'm there alone with one employee and ask for my parcel. He hands it over to me. Then I start to talk about being surprised that I can't fetch it at the mail agency in the city district where I live.

"ACTUALLY WE DON'T CARE!" the barbarian barked back at me. Then I went home, thinking about the possibility of life after the slow collapse of civilization in the .

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FSFE with a booth at Software Freedom Day in Utrecht, The Netherlands (2019-09-21) nllgg.nl/bijeenkomst/20190921 #fsfe #FreeSoftware #events #rssfeed

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Instagram shows an empty page, which means that I'm using roughly the right plugins. cc @frenchhope

Back from central , where I appeared to be the only visitor

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☕ Die beste Firma der Welt (i.e., meine) RECUP sucht Verstärkung. Keywords: Kaffeebecher, Pfandsystem, #München, Müllvermeidung, #Mehrweg, #Nachhaltigkeit, 1A-Kollegen!

- Controller (m/w/a)
- Social Media Manager (m/w/a)
- Team Happiness Assistent (m/w/a)
- Sales Manager (m/w/a)
- Praktikant Business Development (m/w/a)
- Praktikant Sales (m/w/a)
- Praktikant Marketing (m/w/a) ab Juni 2019


Über einen Boost würde ich mich sehr freuen, danke!

#jobsuche #stellenangebote

Two cities in the USA (Florida) payed criminals more than a million to get their files back after . That is money from and .

So this is how civil servants are facilitating criminals:
1. Don't make , ever.
2. Don't use .
3. Don't software.
4. Don't call the .

Oh, and : please don't label internet criminals as "hackers". Thank you.

The national emergency number of the wasn't reachable for hours yesterday. Dutch telco KPN admits it might have been the

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