Spotted a Dutch civil servant paying cashless with his watch.

Please excuse me for the foreign policy of the morally bankrupt mafia kingdom of the .

Like every summer I got the few hundred euro's back from the Dutch agency that they've held back the year before -

I'm avoiding through software on television sets by not buying them. cc @juh

André Ockers a partagé

In this picture, each country is depicted larger or smaller than its actual size according to its software license trade numbers. But what is the significance of this? Read the second part of our LibreOffice Asia Conference report to find out!

André Ockers a partagé

Monday morning. Mentally preparing for another series of five days of lawnmower culture. -

I'd like to thank , which automatically adjusts the color temperature of your screen, and have added it to my automatically start list - -

Google is always there when you want to ask for your documents in cc @juh @pantalu_de

This week I learned that I'm not allowed to spend my lunch break (my own time) in the sun on a field that's been payed for with public money. I'm allowed to spend my lunch break on the field, but only under a tree in the shadow on the edge of the field. Thank you repressive Dutch surveillance! -

André Ockers a partagé

Dutch civil servants of the Dutch agency allow Uber to not have to pay tax over the first 6.1 billion dollars profit, so they'll move to the - -

Dutch civil servants at government agency "DUO" used technology in newsletters to track students, probably violating rules in doing so. (But (and ) have as default not to load external pictures). - -

Contacted my to turn off contactless payment.

Participated in EDRi-gram's newsletter evaluation 2019 - subscribe at -

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