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♲ Ma soeur Elise a quitté son domicile de Strasbourg Mardi 19 Février à 15h heure française sans son portable après avoir tenu des propos incohérents et personne n'a de nouvelles d'elle depuis. Une déposition de disparition inquiétante a été faite à la police. Merci de RT.…

#fr #Strasbourg #disparu #missing
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Part of my routine is to immediately convert incoming .docx-files with to .odt, saving them and deleting the original files -

As I want to thank everybody who contributes to Free Software on this Free Software Day.

My frequently used software includes:
, , , , , , , , and .

On : , , *, , , , , , and .

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Happy "I Love Free Software" Day everyone! Let's use this wonderful occasion to express our love and appreciation to all the people creating #FreeSoftware

Say *thank you* today #ilovefs

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The #Parliament of #Asturias supports the Campaign "Public Money? Public Code!" and votes in favor of publishing all publicly financed software developments under a #FreeSoftware licence: (ES) @fsfe #publiccode

In the long run, the Parliament seeks the use, promotion and migration to Free Software and #OpenStandards throughout all public administration's processes.

Prepared my for the next workweek: cleaned, checked tyres pressure, loaded the lights, sprayed the chain -

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I created a GoFundMe for helping me to buy the computer at

It's for a Librem 15 version 4 (Only if I get enough funds otherwise, any other ideas are welcomed). Thanks.


Informed that their survey about my hotel stay in Brussels during contains unfree , according to

If you block unfree with , then you can't do basic editing in anymore, so I installed the official plugin.

Homepage of Dutch public broadcasting company (news about Gelderland province) with unfree turned off (with thanks to ) - -

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Les vidéos du FOSDEM (Free and open source software developers' European meeting) 2019 sont disponibles :

Using travel time to read the brochure "Public Money Public Code. Modernising Public Infrastructure with Free Software" - - HTTPS://

Travelled to Brussels with and noticed something peculiar with your ? The red machines at the underground stations and in the tram where you check in show the number of rides you still can use if you bought Jump rides but they only show the current set of ten rides you are using. You can check the total number of rides you can use at a Go vending machine.

Live from Brussels: spotted a talented violin player working in an underground station.

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