André Ockers a partagé
André Ockers a partagé

As promised, version 1.0 of , a free and federated video platform, has just been released.

Thanks to all the people who supported this summer's crowdfunding.

This is only the beginning! (article in English to come)

André Ockers a partagé
André Ockers a partagé

Do you want to discuss #FreeSoftware, #OpenSource, #FLOSS, #FOSS topics but not necessarily on a mailing lists? Maybe the Discourse instance run by #FSFE is something you want to try? Help us to evaluate if this is a useful service for our community

André Ockers a partagé

Capitalism actively punishes you for being a good person.

According to the head of the Dutch tax service it wouldn't be technically possible to secure data of citizens, as it wouldn't be possible to restrict access to data through autorisation. Which you can do on any /Linux system. Public Money, Public Code! - -

André Ockers a partagé

FSFE booth at T-Dose in Eindhoven, The Netherlands (2018-11-24) #fsfe #FreeSoftware #events #rssfeed

It's 2018 and sending a letter from to took 84 hours -

André Ockers a partagé

There are now Mastodon share buttons on the @fsfe websites. 😉

As a -admin I'm concerned about Dutch banks replacing regular login procedures with proprietary "apps" on cellphones -

Peculiar that if you want to know the address of (the provider of the ) where you can send a complaint to, you have to open a pop-up which requires you to be tracked by "") and accept their external (with no license) -

According to the last ("Tiere der Großstadt"), you will be served by a if you order coffee at a kiosk at Ku'damm.

Peculiar that you aren't allowed to email a complaint to

If you want to load your card in advance, at the moment you have to download proprietary software, which I won't -

So after the Dutch "Linux Magazine" sold out to M$, I've shredded and recycled my collection.

"Ga vandaag voor open, er is geen excuus om het niet te doen" - interview met Timo Aarnio, GIS-expert bij National Land Survey Finland - -

That was the last copy of the Dutch "Linux Magazine" I bought, because of M$ ads and content.

Peculiar that the European Commission is attacking Poland for weakening its constitutional court, as another member state, the , has no constitutional court at all.

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