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Finally took pics of this #quilt I made over break. Reclaimed fabrics from a used fabric shop. Woke up one morning with this iterative design in my head #quilting #sewing

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Je suis en train de lire "ne suis-je pas une femme ?" de Bell Hooks, un livre de 1981 qui explique le double processus d'exclusion des femmes noires, à travers le patriarcat et le racisme institutionnalisé.
C'est vraiment éclairant sur des questions historiques, de luttes intersectionnelles et d'émancipation.
Ça me permet y compris d'appréhender certains angles morts de ma réflexion féministe et d'avancer là dessus. Je vous conseille ce bouquin !

Au petit dej, rattrapage de @LaurentChemla à l’antenne de France Culture, avec même un point Roland Barthes pour @quota_atypique :)

Du grain à moudre - Peut-t-on repartir de zéro sur les réseaux sociaux ?

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Anyone in North- or South-America reading this: would you be willing to help the #openstreetmap project by hosting a server?

The project needs additional "tile delivery servers" in the region to cope with the load, more details on the requirements here:

Boosts appreciated!

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Someone on Twitter mentioned that in some regions of Germany, a common idiom for whenever there's mist in the forest is "The foxes are making coffee", and thought the image was evocative enough for an illustration.

Well, I took the bait! 🦊☕

#MastoArt #CreativeToot #Lineart

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You may not believe you can do it, but this guy believes in you.

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attn: Sicily: I made your flag less creepy, no need to thank me but you're welcome anyway

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Scared Silicon Valley billionaire:

Look, you're just not grasping the scale of the AI threat. What if an AI one day is built that decides to harvest large chunks of the Earth's biosphere in order to make some numbers in a financial engine go up slightly? What would we all do then?

Climate change and species loss researchers:

Really? That's a thing that could happen? And people might not believe the predictions? Do go on.


Well OBVIOUSLY I don't mean it's happening NOW

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Moment tout doux sur France Inter.

Izia et Arthur H rendent hommage à Jacques Higelin

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Shows that did not need a second season imho : Broadchurch, Big Little Lies, Russian Doll.

(I have strong opinions on this. Despite most of those second seasons not being out yet. Hey let me have this one uninformed opinion alright)

(And then they all get a second season and what not but C’MON you can pull off great story telling in just one season)

Shows that know which story they’re telling and deliver on it are rare and so immensely enjoyable.

Damn a good story is good.

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