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XPUB Grad Show
opening Friday evening 24 June @ 18h
WORM (UBIK + S/LASH Gallery)
Boomgaardstraat 69

FOSDEM 2023 will take place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of February 2023. We are aiming for a physical conference at ULB again.

Booklaunch: Volumetric Regimes
Tuesday 4 October 20:00 - 22:00 @ Varia, Rotterdam (NL)

"This radical multi-form collective investigation traces the cutting edge of how bodies and subjects are rendered technologically. It proposes multi-dimensional forms of intervention, and claims an experimental horizon of the possible, shattering the mantra of unavoidability." — Olga Goriunova

#possiblebodies #volumetrics @manetta #varia @crickxson @Crittercompiler

The project aims to be a hub for discussion, exchange, debate, research and the co-creation of events, and aims to exhibit a wide range of formats by artists and activists.

With NoisyLeaks! we hope to create a space and moment to share knowledge, practical skills and encourage freedom of information by engaging with artistic and activist practices.

#NoisyLeaks! aims to collectively expose and celebrate the historical and cultural heritage of WikiLeaks and its influence on world-wide practices.

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> Maybe, trying so hard to create a single, global, repository of "truth" is very naive and wrong since the start. Everyone is being forced to adhere to "a single definition of truth". Any second opinion is not allowed at all.

> ... Being open is not necessarily good. It's actually a neutral term. Know when to open and know when to close.

Today I presented my paper On Cultivating The Installable Base at Participatory Design Conference (#PDC22).

In it, I argue that existing F/LOSS alternatives (such as Mastodon) are important resources when it comes to participatory work with groups looking to organize their own digital infrastructure, as it allows them to practically start inquiring in the nature of those alternatives and start thinking from there. However, to even consider them for such a process, the quality of those alternatives needs to be sufficient. So if PD wants to bring about computational alternatives, improving the quality of existing F/LOSS applications in concrete and material ways should be an important research outcome.

Full paper here:

Status beim !@metalab Straßenfest:
Wir lauschen @joak beim Schreiben mit der Theremin-Schreibmaschine

Publishing Partyline, Broadcast #1: standards and work arounds, with Open Source Publishing (OSP)

For the first radio broadcast, the Publishing Partyline meets in Brussels with Open Source Publishing (, to return to a time of disappearing CSS regions and intrepid responses. Tune in as we hear how to develop a practice based on a hack, and where dreams meet needs when it comes to working with work arounds.

Date: Wednesday, September 7th, 2022
Time: 18:00-19:00 CEST
Broadcast URL:

#varia #publishing #floss #design #tools #web2print

More information about the Publishing Partyline can be found at:

Habitat announces the opencall MEGASTUDIO! Habitat is a permanent cult(r)ural settlement and collective workshop carrying participatory practices of living (and publishing) within and beyond the local scale.

Megastudio is aimed at individuals, informal and formal collectives operating in the fields of arts, design, architecture and cultural production.

The residency is aimed at forming an editorial-curatorial team that knows how to relate to the archives, experiments, documentation, artifacts, recordings, and experiences collected along the path that led Habitat to transform itself from a temporary event into a cult(r)ural settlement, permanently established in the territory of Romagna toscana.

full description:

1-31st October 2022

Cà de Monti, Tredozio (FC)
Deadline: 15th September

Le crowdfunding de #Pooliscool et #Flow est à 80% Il reste 10 jours pour soutenir la seule piscine extérieure à #Bruxelles, doublée d'un projet social vraiment trop rare.


We’re back! We are happy to announce that on the 5th & 6th of November, @zinecamp is back for its 2022 edition at WORM Rotterdam! As always, there will be stalls, workshops, talks and more. And, of course, it is free to join!

Zine Camp is a space to connect with the self-publishing community, make friends and learn new skills and techniques. We also have open tables to collaborate and create your own zines on site.

📍To apply to hold a workshop or talk, email with your details, a title, description, how long your proposal needs and an image.

📍For stalls, send us your details, and a link with your zines, website or portfolio!

📍Deadline for the open call is the 25th September!

Zine Camp Team 💕

C’est pas moi, c’est l’algorithme

Présentation et discussion avec Peggy Pierrot


Société algorithmique, biais algorithmique, capitalisme algorithmique, gouvernance algorithmique... les mots associés avec les adjectifs dérivés d'algorithme apparaissent dans tous les domaines de nos vies dans les sociétés numérisées qui sont les nôtres. On parle d'algorithme bancaire, d'algorithme prédictif, de machine

#constant #bruxelles #brussel

Call for Participation:
OPENCOIL workshop 🔋🔋🔋

"The pavements of many cities have been flooded by so-called 'dockless sharing vehicles'. This workshop explores the impact of such micro-mobility services on (public) urban space by re-appropriating their decentralised infrastructure as a space for experimentation, while also addressing the conditions and effects of this infrastructure."

Deadline: August 21

#MeshJam2022 Day 1 is this Saturday at Iffy Books! We’re hosting talks and workshops about mesh networking all day, and we’re running a video stream for those who can’t make it in person.

Feminist Server – Visibility and Functionality
>> Digital Infrastructure as a Common Project
text by Shusha Niederberger

Worth watching the video - @Femke and Spideralex

Now streaming from #thf2022:

"Technics to Sense the Invisible" - a workshop on electromagnetic waves, which are everywhere around us, and how to sense them.
Recordings will be available after the workshop.

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Le réseau social de l'avenir : pas de publicité, pas de surveillance institutionnelle, conception éthique et décentralisation ! Gardez le contrôle de vos données avec Mastodon !