Reminder to self: Firefox has a built-in screenshot function, including making full page (beyond the visible window) images. It's just under the "..." (page actions menu)!

🏴‍☠️📚💻#XPUB Special Issue 09💻📚🏴‍☠️

Interfacing the Law 3 / The #Library is Open

Thursday June 20th, 2019
Leeszaal West #Rotterdam

Three free #Workshops: Marginal Conversations, Knowledge in Action, Blurry Boundaries


"Multiple bodies" ... Turns out html tables can have multiple tbody elements to make groups of rows. HTML you keep surprising me.

Help us put this account on the front page of the #fediverse by boosting this toot. 😜

#lgm #lgm19 #lgm2019 #LibreGraphicsMeeting

Yet another inspiring talk by @aiscarvalho & @rlafuente on terminology and the incredible vagueness behind the term #OpenDesign


Just arrived at #lgm19 and love the beautiful poster image. Anyone know who made it?

The final ROM of What Remains is out! 🎉🎊

What Remains is an 8-bit interactive fiction and adventure video game for the #NES about environmental issues, the manipulation of public opinion, and whistleblowing.

Shell script for collating/imposing a one-sheet mini zine layout from a 8-pages PDF document, using the Open Source command line tool pdfjam:



pdfjam --angle '180' --outfile /dev/stdout -- $input_pdf 1,8,7,6 | pdfjam --nup '4x2' --landscape --frame 'false' --outfile $output_pdf -- /dev/stdin - $input_pdf 2-5

#zines #zine #minizine #opensource #commandline

This Sunday I'll be performing again "Etudes pour le livecoding a une main" at WORM!

Where do you go to hang out with other hackers in Berlin? Any queer groups? 🌸✨
#berlin #hackers #queer #webdevelopment

Last days of the exhibition 'Data Workers'! We got a nice article on Metropolis M:

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