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"In my version of computational thinking, I imagine an abstract machine with just the data types and operations that I want. If this machine existed, then I could write the program I want. But it doesn’t. Instead I have introduced a bunch of subproblems — the data types and operations — and I need to figure out how to implement them. I do this over and over until I’m working with a real machine or a real programming language. That’s the art of design."

Tonight: Songing With Our Ancestors, lecture-performance Peggy Pierrot 🐳

20h @∏Node, p-node.org

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Bad social media gives you an audience: stuff like reach, personality/celebrity, spectacle, anxiety, alienation, competition.

Good social media gives you community: it’s more like voice, agency, discussion, comradery.

I want a community, not an audience.

I quite like Dr. Maria Botazzi's description of vaccine production in cooperation with yeast.

> “We ask the yeast to make a protein that looks just like a protein that is made by the virus. Then we immunize the protein and the body then processes this protein and presents it to the immune system. Therefore, you don’t ask your body to do any major manipulation of the coding.”


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The term "ethical licenses" has been used by Coraline Ada Ehmke and others to refer to licenses that expand the conditions of who can use software and for what purpose it is being used (see firstdonoharm.dev/ and ethicalsource.dev/licenses/).

Another one that is used is "3 freedom licenses", as a way to refer to the same idea basically, and it's 3 and not 4 because these licenses take out freedom 0 ("anyone can use the software for any purpose").

But this does not specifically hook into the fact of course that they have not been tested in court yet.

A touching poetic intervention seen in the wilds of brussels

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This clip of jazz guitarist @stanley_jordan showing off his generative music system programmed on a Commodore 64 is amazing

~~here we go again~~
Sign this #petition to save a beautiful modest wilderness in Anderlecht #Brussels #Belgium

STOP BÉTON ! Sauvons le Meylemeersch ! / Red de Mijlemeers !
Waar de Steenuil thuis is, where the Little owl roams, avec des chouettes.


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Add --collaborative and ... shared notebooks in jupyter lab! Thanks @manetta for reading the jupyter docs! Interesting overlapping histories of this (decepetively) simple addition: blog.jupyter.org/how-we-made-j

apt install html-xml-utils

31 tools but not one really does what I want, still I'm happy to have (finally) come across this toolbox...


@shusha yeah this was an interesting interview, thanks for sharing!

„Sisters with transitors”, a #documentary about about the pioneering #women in #electronic #music , is available at the EU public broadcaster ARTE for free: arte.tv/fr/videos/104017-000-A

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#Gitea is joining the fediverse 🎉 We can now announce we've been accepted into the #NLnet funding round that we applied to. nlnet.nl/project/Gitea/

Thank you to @NGIZero @dachary @forgefriends and so many others for getting us to this point.

We are very much looking forward to many wonderful things that federation within forges can support.

Tesseract on Android

The basic functionality is geared to this. Ward b Wiki page "DO the ph : of the system puts it this way: Co Eo “an “

You're browsing a database with a program called Wiki WikiWel, program has an attitude. The program wants everyone to be an gut, X program slants in favor of authors at some inconvenience to readers, ST

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Wiki authoring is in a atext-only environment with few formatting frills and

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Since arlier this year, following many requests, we can receive donations. In nine months we already received more than enough to cover our (minimal) expenses for the foreseeable future. (Thank you dear donors!)

So, instead of giving us money, why not support your favourite podcaster this end of year?

You can find the podcasts you most listened to here: Settings » Statistics. From there you can pick a creator that you want to support!

Covid19 vaccine availability 

Patent-free vaccine released to the world--interesting how mainstream media didn't cover this.

> It's not about how Black people see,
> nor is it about looking at Black people.
> What I'm trying to say is
that a Black gaze is a gaze
> that puts you in relationship to Blackness
> And anti-Blackness in
> a way that requires you
> to do a certain kind of ethical work,
> a certain kind of affective work,
> a certain kind of affective labor.

> So it is the work of,
> when it's present,
> it is the work of care
> and being put into the
> position of needing to care
> and being accountable to care.

Source: Tina Campt, on "A Black Gaze", youtu.be/ZocnDEOXuuQ?t=163


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