Today, let's learn some Dutch 🇳🇱 with @adam:
“Zet je podcast op de kaart!”
If you want to learn more about geo-located podcasts 🗺📍🎙, the Amsterdam #podcastfestival2021 (Sept 24th) is the place to go to!
Get your ticket now! 🎟

SACEM (ou autre) : « Il faut payer les droits d'auteur sinon ça tue la création »

En vrai : « Le business fructueux des droits d’auteur | Investec, KKR et Blackrock – sans oublier l’Église d’Angleterre : à qui profite la pop ? » 🤑


Bonjour et bonne rentrée ! J'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que mon activité change de dimension, avec le lancement d'un bébé pensé depuis longtemps,

I will be talking about Podcasting 2.0 at the Amsterdam Podcast Festival 2021. 🎙🇳🇱
Get your ticket for the track “Transportative Possibilities (EN)” now!

This week in Podland, @samsethi and @jamescridland answer the question that's on everybody's lips: “How does Apple Podcasts compare with Podcast Index and their value 4 value cryptocurrency thing?”
(They also mention my Podcast Movement 2021 talk with Marilyn Zakhour and I am thankful for that.)

August 3rd! Podcast Movement 2021 starts today!
Thank you @adam for reminding everybody about my presentation: “Podcastindex: How to unleash your value thanks to the Podcast Namespace”
It is already online and available here:

Here is my contribution to the podcasting ecosystem and PodcastIndex.
You are welcome.

All your podcasts hosted for 3€/mo: I successfully tested OVHcloud
VPS starter (3€/mo) + Debian 10 + CloudPanel
1.0.6 + @Castopod v1.0.0-alpha.67.
(Castopod is multi-tenant, CloudPanel allows several domain names: You may host as many podcasts as you want to on 1 VPS!)

I had bookmarked that clip from @evoterra’s Podcast Pontification.
“Big organizations [are] pulling the best parts of podcasting out of podcasting and into their own closed orbits and ecosystems.”
Listen now to the full episode and subscribe!

Ten days ago in Podland, @jamescridland wished that we could get cross-application comments for podcasting up and running: Wish granted by @martin & @Castopod, thanks to all the PodcastIndex fellowship! 🧞 🙏 🚀 💬 ✊

First cross-app comment loaded in Podfriend, Wohoooo!

Thanks a lot to @yassinedoghri and @benjaminbellamy for their pioneering work on the host side!


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