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A *huge* day for @PyBeeWare@twitter.com: We now *officially* support Android. Head over to docs.beeware.org to try out the tutorial!

Once again, a huge thanks to @asheeshlaroia@twitter.com for his work on this project, and to @thePSF@twitter.com for the funding that made this happen.

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I've been prototyping a lightweight Sphinx extension that lets you add *interactive code cells to your docs*. It uses @mybinderteam@twitter.com under the hood. Give it a shot, I'd love to hear what people think!


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"Education isn't something you can finish."

-- Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992)

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📢 Our new Pylance extension is on the VS Code marketplace today! Pylance supercharges in @Code@twitter.com with robust, performant language support, type information, auto-imports, and more! 🐍

Read about our preview release and install the extension:

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That spike in 2020 tells you all you need to know about human nature when it comes to dead lines

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What a Python 3 migration looks like. Around a million __main__'s, orders of magnitude more lines of code. Google scale is wild.

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Today I'm stepping down as Redis leader and maintainer. I published a blog post about this:


Thanks Redis community, you have my love <3
Thanks Redis Labs for the joint adventure so far.

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It's 2020 and web sites forms are still rejecting valid email addresses. Got a ".email" tld, and they really don't like that.

I feel for people with unusual birth names. Their life must be damn hard.

After a few days of using hey.com, I'm closing my account.

The idea is great, and the realization is top notch.

But it has little value to somebody already implementing GTD and using thunderbird.

I'll miss the stream. Still have 2 invites. DM me to get them.

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tip: If a container can potentially contain itself, the __repr__() for that container should be wrapped with the recursive_repr() decorator.

c = Container()
c.add(c) # self-reference
print(repr(c)) # make sure this doesn't fail


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Have slices in Python ever confused you? Can you explain what a[-1:1:-1] means?

I've written up a guide to Python's slicing that explains all the rules, and also goes over some common bad ways of thinking about slices to avoid. quansight.github.io/ndindex/sl

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Postgresql bulk inserts 3-5x faster in all cases (ORM, returning primary key, etc) will be landing in SQLAlchemy master soon

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Can I assume it will always do:



If yes, does this assumption holds for non cPython?

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Hello @VictorStinner@twitter.com, I have something that may be implementation dependant, and wonder if you could give me a hint.

If I have this:

class F:
def __del__(self):

And do this:

F() # no variable

In a file, not a shell.

Last update, FF default my search engine to bing. Anybody have the same problem?

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Apple has definitively approved HEY in the App Store!! No IAP, no 30% cut, but we’ve opened the door to a free temp address service, and use same app for work accounts. I’m so incredibly relieved! And now HEY is open to EVERYONE! No invite code needed 🎉❤️ hey.com

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A good rule of thumb is: with numpy/pandas/etc, if you use a for loop on one of the datastructures of the lib itself, the perfs are gonna tank.

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.at[] is faster than .loc[] but anyway it is slow af. Don't use it. Just build a list with data and then convert it to dataframe

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