Is there a webinar/chat/online conf tool that allows attendees to share their video only with the main speaker, but can't see each others ?

We have a session planed with kids and we want them to not worry about screen recording.


I don't teach the new material in my critical thinking class, the students do.

Today, a team of students gave a lecture on how to read graphs. All others read the material and asked questions in advance. What's left for me is to fill in the gaps:


RT Literally 2 days ago a colleague told me he is using in a gaming pc to have the "hot games" in an SSD and the games he doesn't play much into spinning rust. (L2ARC)


Windows is going to be able to mount physical disk formatted using ext4

One day, I might be able to get rid of my huge NTFS partition partition

Years in the fields taught me it's very hard to do.y but surely, to build the experience that Plone tried to create for years but never succeeded.

It's pragmatic. Practical. Not over engineered. Yet powerful and extensible.

Kudos, because it's really hard to do.

Afficher le fil de discussion


My jaw dropped when I saw the "what's coming next in Wagtail CMS" video: I'm especially excited about the content import feature: you can write content in Google Docs and then import it into a blog post, just wow! Great job!


It's written in Django, and instead of hiding that fact, it seamlessly integrates with it while using all the best practices of the ecosystem. The design decisions are sane, it's extensible when it matters, and integrated when it counts.

It's a beautiful work.

Afficher le fil de discussion has grown much since the last time I tried it.

It has become a thing of beauty. A perfect balance between a CMS and a web framework.

- "You want easy clicky stuff or a clean architecture to do custom code on ?"

- "Yes."


is an ASCII game project from for , inspired by "Moon Patrol" 🌜 Avoid the craters, destroy the rocks and drive as far as you can, while avoiding fire 💣 from the ships above 🚀

snap install ascii-patrol


Annoying website features I face as a blind person

One comment explains something very interesting: <img /> and <img alt=""> are not the same thing. The seconds actually helps screen readers to skip purely decorative images.

Former NSA chief Keith Alexander has joined Amazon’s board of directors

EduBlocks: proprietary plateform that let you use a scratch like env to generate code

<div>It's funny how a few letters can create frustration</li>

You don't even need the wrong letters (you can just omit some

Is there anythink like scratch IDE, but that generates ?

TIL, if you Ctrl +D on Unix and Ctrl + Z on Windows during an input(), it raises an EOFError, allowing a clean exit shortcut.

And use microservices for everything. In the cloud. And graphql. On a SPA built with a lot of transpiling. In fact, put JS everywhere. With libs over framework. And test it only manually in Webkit. Then rewrite it Go and make a blog post about it. It's gona be fine.


2000's: use relational databases
2010's: actually, use document databases
2020's: nvm, use relational databases


Using type hints is getting practical. We're just missing "iter" and "callable" to the list of things you can use in signature, and we'll have something even easier to use than typescript.


PEP 604 has been merged to Python 3.10 . Now you can write union types with | like int | str.



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