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one thing ive learned, is there are some genuinely deranged people, online

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Did you know that there's a Panda Express in the Forbidden City?

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@evan "do you know why I've summoned you here Professor Moody? I cannot have you teaching the students the forbidden curses."
"The students are adults," Moody shot back, "they have every right to know how to cast the impeachment curse."

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bonjour = good day
bonbonjour = candy day
bonbonbonjour = good candy day

bonsoir = good evening
bonbonsoir = candy evening
bonbonbonsoir = good candy evening

bon jovi = good jovi
bonbon jovi = candy jovi
bonbonbon jovi = good candy jovi
bonbonbonbon jovi = good candy bon jovi

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i already see and hear so much marketing shit about these quite frankly terrible franchises it makes me mad when regular people join in and essentially volunteer to be part of the PR blitz. Stop wasting my brain's cpu cycles and stop rotting your own with this crap. You're better than this

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the use of a colon can really change the meaning of a sentence

for instance, I have three toys in my desk: a Troll doll, a Koosh ball, and a Slinky

as opposed to

I have three toys in my colon: a Troll doll, a Koosh ball, and a Slinky

So sites will present comparisons of a $130 speaker pair against a $150 speaker as if their prices are somehow comparable when the latter would actually be $300 as a pair.

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Shopping for speakers is frustrating because some are priced per speaker and some are priced per pair of speakers and none of the vendor websites allow you to sort by "price per speaker".

Product descriptions on aliexpress are often just such a hilarious jumble. Almost as good as a Markov chain. Actual example: "Free Shipping Female adult christmas clothes ball of company annual meeting costume rabbits loaded".

Just put new tires on my bicycle. I think it's the first time I've replaced them due to wear instead of due to destruction by something pointy.

I see some people I follow having rough times and I just want to try to comfort them but I don't because I don't know them in real life and I suspect it would be creepy.

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I need something stronger than this tea to finish this code refactor
and maybe less internet
maybe time to grab a cola and go offline

Goddam, that pasilla pepper I chopped making dinner was hotter than I thought, I found out while removing my contacts tonight.

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In 1988, IRC was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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PS/2, a simplified way of writing PS•½, describes the controller ports on the PlayStation 1's predecessor, the PlayStation Half.

Eye contact 

Specifically, my left eye contact.


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