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So 18% of the population of India organised the largest general strike in history. A quarter of a billion people. 3.2% of all living humans on planet Earth. And the English speaking world is mostly just... not paying attention?

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Wikipedia, "The Most Important Laboratory for Social Scientific and Computing Research in History". By @makoshark and @aaronshaw for #Wikipedia20

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"Consensus-Based Encyclopedic Virtue: #Wikipedia and the Production of Authority in Encyclopedias".

#PhD thesis by Ryan McGrady at NC State Communication, Rhetoric, & Digital Media.

organising continues to broaden. It now plans a and invites debate:

"... the Coordinating Council has developed a draft of the concept of the law reinstatement and national reconciliation."

Why this should help convince security forces to switch sides, and help to prevent a decades-long cycle of revenge:

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Un article de blog affirme que depuis un an, Openstreetmap a été investi par les "AFAM" (les GAFAM sauf Google). Les contributions "corporate" ont représenté 75% du total alors qu'elles en font normalement 25%. L'occasion de parler cartographie et de ce que ce développement représente en opportunité et en risque.


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Aux Canadiens qui me lisent : ceci n'est pas une arnaque. Règlement des actions collectives canadiennes concernant les logiciels Microsoft. Je ne recevrai pas grand chose en ce qui me concerne, mais pour le principe...

proud of 's passion for :

,,ja już może na nieszczęście mam mój ideał ... ale dalibóg, chciałem Ci nim przyjemność zrobić, bo Cię szalenie kocham." 1829-10-03 [664]

,,Ściskam Cię serdecznie, tak piszą pospolicie na końcu listów, ale nie wiedzą, co piszą – wierzaj mi jednak, że wiem, com napisał, bo cię kocham jak" 1829-10-20 [665]

[664]: (archive:

[665]: (archive:

" demands remove posts related to protests, controversy ensues"

The content of the article is more nuanced than the headline: is it ethical to systematically violate the personal privacy of members of a security force massively violating human rights?

I think that ordinary Belarusians should get to debate and decide on this issue in this particular historical situation, not Apple (nor me).

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“The four possibilities of reproducible scientific computations”:

Konrad Hinsen expresses in a clear way high-level requirements to make a computation #reproducible and discusses their wide-ranging implications—practically ruling out tools like #Docker, SaaSS like #Binder, etc.


US federal democracy: Who decides the US presidential election? Voters? The Electoral College? State legislatures? Congress? The courts?

Or ... does big business get to make the key decision?

The NYT accidentally admits the role of big business in the highly flawed US "democracy".

2020-11-23 Agata Grzybowska, photojournalist and war reporter of the Syrian civil war, the Egyptian crisis and Euromaidan in Ukraine is detained by police in , . Under pressure from protestors and journalists, she was released two hours later.

Video by Greenpeace@FB. Provided here for educational purposes.

Fleeing with the detained journalist, the police van deliberately ran over and broke another protestor's hand, according to journalist Maciek Piasek.

18 and 19 November 2020: the <s>OMON </s> police have increased the level of violence used against human rights protestors in <s></s> .

Video 18 Nov: member of parliament (MP) Magdalena Biejat displays her identity card showing that she is an MP. A plainclothes policeman pepper-sprays her in the eyes.

Radio RMF: the plainclothes policemen who assaulted protestors with extendable batons are BOA - Bureau of Anti-terrorist Operations.

Full steam ahead by the -ian shadow government 'NAM'!

"Two power transition options have been developed...

* ... the *Constitutional Option* of power transition through public dialogue.

* ... the *Legal Sovereignty Option* ..., based on the fact that the only source of state power and bearer of sovereignty in Belarus is the people." (archive: (archive:


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The French police wrote a law proposal to censor "identifiable" images of officers on social networks—basically undermining any possibility of reporting on police abuse.
Given the urgency I quick-translated @davduf’s remarkable piece. Please read, share.

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Avec la dernière version de son système d'exploitation, contrôle et autorise ou non à distance toutes vos interactions
La traduction d'un article de Kyle Rankin

"Secure." par Wysz, licence CC BY-NC 2.0

I was wondering if there's something like @LaQuadrature , @Framasoft , or @aprilorg in Poland, despite the [1] popular among geeks in PL.

The closest I could find are:

* - active in lobbying on :

* -
(includes - Monika Płatek on the board)

* -

So far none on the Fediverse?

[1] \sim "the ends justify the means"

The Polish police seem to be getting instructions from above to try to repress the . Your rights in an identity check or if you're detained (legal terminology similar to FR: detention != arrest):

* identity checked: (

(2013 analysis; the 1990 law seems little changed:

* detained: (



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