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If you need another reason to care about who wins the US Senate in November, read The Atlantic's cover story:

"If Democrats win back the Senate and hold the House, then all roads laid out in the Electoral Count Act lead eventually to a Biden presidency. The reverse applies if Republicans hold the Senate and unexpectedly win back the House. But if Congress remains split, there are conditions in which no decisive outcome is possible—no result that has clear force of law."

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RT I tabled over 30 amendments with clear goals: increasing the financial envelope for the Technical Support Instrument and improving its #transparency and level of budgetary #control. Hopefully the Member States will benefit from these changes.🖤


@fribbledom This is for the system for science research papers - - in case you or anyone wants to know the relevance. :)

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What is more ally correct: (a) or (b)?

(a) assume that the host system defines 'localhost' and resolves it to or ::1; or

(b) assume that the hostname (e.g. the stdout of 'hostname') is resolved by the host's dns server to a valid IP (either to 127.0.01 or ::1, or to an externally known IP)?

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Here's an example story that was only possible due to #BlueLeaks:

> Leaked Documents Show Police Knew Far-Right Extremists Were the Real Threat at Protests, Not “Antifa”

> An analysis of leaked law enforcement documents reveals an obsession with “antifa” despite evidence of threats of violence to police and protesters.

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You should follow Distributed Denial of Secrets on here. They've been draconianly suspended from Twitter for publishing BlueLeaks, an 270gb archive of leaked police documents @ddosecrets

@angdraug Trump currently has a *huge* chance (24%) of winning the :

2016: the final (last day pre-election) fivethirtyeight estimate was that Trump's chance to win was 33%.

Toss a normal dice, and in 2016:

* Clinton wins if the result is 1, 2, 3 or 4;
* Trump wins with 5 or 6.

The result (5 or 6) was completely unsurprising given the prediction.

2020-09-13: toss an octahedral dice:

* Biden wins with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6;
* Trump wins with 7 or 8.

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Le parole sono importanti.

Non sono "arrestate" se vengono prese con la violenza da figuri mascherati con mezzi anonimi.

Sono *sequestrate*.
RT @PolScorr

Tre ragazze sono state arrestate dagli omini verdi a #Minsk

Interviene per difenderle Nina Baginskaya, 73 anni, veterana delle manifestazioni contro il regime

Purtroppo non è riuscita a salvare le ragazze, finiranno nelle segrete senza diritti di #Lukashenko

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Fair summary of , Edward Thomas + Alex de Waal:

"The Sudanese have overthrown a dictator and sealed a peace deal, by themselves and without international support."

Sudanese protests: 4 months - military remove al-Bashir; +4 months for draft constitutional document:

Algerian : 2 months - military remove Bouteflika; + changed military faces + proposed modest constitutional reform:

and ?

@angdraug @bad_immigrant

"What's more, if I go, my supporters will be slaughtered," 2020-09-08

This is an excellent opportunity to start convincing KGB/OMON in to defect. Start wide discussion proposing a .

* Who will be offered amnesty? in exchange for full testimony?
* Full amnesty? A reduced sentence?
* Clarify exclusion of the death penalty.

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RT de Adrien Lelièvre :

Au Royaume-Uni, des militants détournent des publicités pour des voitures afin de dénoncer leur caractère mensonger. Le résultat est percutant

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Une sénatrice met en ligne le projet de rapport (datant de mars 2017) sur la possibilité de créer un commissariat à la souveraineté numérique.

Un document qui pose justement l'importance fondamental du logiciel libre en matière d'éducation

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Around 10 000 women are marching on the streets of #Minsk right now against Lukashenko's regime #Belarus


I should have included you here, sorry :) - see asking about real-world experience in ethically organised (no services, no services) online science conferences.

(This is meant to be the equivalent of a forward in email - I haven't discovered how to "forward" in mastodon...)

@civodul @reproducible_builds - Does anyone know of online (COVID-19 epoch) science workshops/conferences aiming at something like the "look and feel" of f2f science conferences, that have been or will be held using and ethical online services only? I'm only aware of .

See : the aim is to organise a meeting safely outside the . Likely tools are and / and .

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"The industrialization of scientific research", a perspective on the science reproducibility crisis:…

> The main [aspect of industrialization]‌ is a clear separation of producers, who design and make products for an anonymous group of potential clients, and consumers who choose from pre-existing products on the market. [ . . . ]‌
> [Custom works of craftsmanship]‌ lead to products optimized for a specific consumer’s need, whereas industrial products are made for a large and anonymous market.

The author argues that the market's information asymmetry leads to scientists not knowing their tools, whether the tool be statistics or the software that implements it.
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“Final Report On 2020 Presidential Elections In #Belarus” was released.

A joint effort of the Voice, Zubr and Honest People platforms helped to collect and process official voting records from 1,310 out of 5,767 polling places.

The report is based on the comparison of data extracted from these 1,310 official polling places’ records with photographed ballots submitted by voters to the Voice platform.


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