This post is just an attempt to connect together groups on the :

@AI_GhanaGermany (last post June 2022)

@AmnestyBochum (last post June 2022)

@amnesty_digital_de (last post Jan 2022)

@Amnesty_International_Freiburg (last post June 2020)

@AmnestyAulnay (last post May 2019)

My guess is that posts under the "name of the Amnesty group" are consensed first within each group, so "June 2022" counts as active for the northern summer, with monthly meetings.

10 Aug: Amnesty Poland issues statement by Director/Board:

rough trans: "There were serious errors in consultation and communication; context was inadequately presented; RU responsibility was insufficiently emphasized".

AI PL is asking for procedures to be significantly revised.

Speculative reading between the lines: much of AI PL is furious with Callamard. RU Iskander and Kalibr missiles are much more likely to land in Warsaw and Kraków than in Paris and Lyon.


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The elephant in the room suddenly struck me in the Italian pacifists' appeal [1]:

The text condemns the RU invasion of UA and expresses solidarity with UA people and RU pacifists.

But it does *not* call for an immediate RU withdrawal from all UA territory.

Why not? RU military withdrawal would be 100% pacifist.

Once RU military forces withdraw from all UA territory, there'll be a realistic chance for negotiations and .



full video [3]. He ignored the [[WP:RS]] [4][5][6] about Russia having highly suspicious SARS-CoV-2/#COVID19 statistics.

His understanding of the RU invasion of is completely unrealistic.

Knowledge of the , including , is missing [7].

Nice anecdote about WP:RS. Pity he doesn't read WP:RS.

cc @lohang


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Q from a viewer: should the #WMFBoard recognize a staff union?
Me: Absolutely, it must! Watch as I explain why and lay out concrete steps the board can take to support staff in unionizing:

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@boud @angdraug @nemobis

I would like to draw everyone’s attention to this thread by Ilya Lozovsky as it offers a perspective from Amnesty insider he interviewed:

And I think it summarises the whole shitstorm in the most complete way.

@angdraug @kravietz @nemobis

[1] (and apparently Zelenskyy?) has made vague complaints about the report on violations [2] rather than stating *factual* errors. But Callamard's description of the critics as "Ukrainian and Russian social media mobs and trolls" is a distraction from respectful debate [3].

Are there errors or misleading sentences in the report?




= = is a organisation that ghostwrites fake analysis signed by (mostly) fake authors on about almost any significant media topic that you can think of, in French online media from 2015 to 2022. A testified publicly, and the dam of media investigations burst open [1].

I have the feeling that enquiries into this organisation have only just begun ...


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Detected a UEFI-infecting rootkit, #CosmicStrand, which can reinstall itself after your reformat your drive and reinstall your OS. Explained, with main consequences, in this detailed thread: 29/
RT @doctorow
Computer security is really, really important. It was important decades ago, when computers were merely how we ran our financial system, aviation, and the power gr…

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"Development effort estimation in free/open source
software from activity in version control systems" Published in @emsejournal #openaccess. Joint work with @DrACapiluppi @gregoriorobles Björn Lundell & Jonas Gamalielsson

Solidarity with would be strengthened by solidarity with the : Sudanese grassroots organising, mostly using civil disobedience, has shown incredible stamina in refusing military control. If Hemedti+al-Burhan were arrested for human rights violations, then Sudanese gold would no longer flow to Moscow.





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Laisser à l'administration la possibilité de qualifier seule ce qu'elle juge de terroriste est nécessairement matière à des abus : nous l'avons vu avec le blocage de sites militants et des dissolutions abusives d'associations.


The Wikipedia entry has been updated since my 16 June 2019 toot, so we *do* know more about the company now.

Hardware backdoors: lots of geeky people, many of whom also know hardware, have been software and hardware hacking the PP for several years. That doesn't guarantee no backdoors, but any serious claims of backdoors would quickly spread in the community and very likely be confirmed or refuted.


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RT @Wikimedia
Through a historic vote yesterday, the Wikimedia Foundation was granted accreditation by the @UN Economic and Social Affairs Council (ECOSOC). (1/3)

More elegant solution thanks to @tusooa - an ActivityPub-compatible [2] method using WebFinger [3]!

Where MYHOSTNAME is the hostname of your Mastodon instance (e.g., and URLOFTOOT is the url of the toot you want to boost/reply to/... (e.g., you may request your browser to authorise interaction by giving the URL:




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