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My son, Julian Assange - John Shipton answers your questions

An exclusive video series and an intimate fireside chat with John Shipton discussing the persecution of his son Julian #Assange.

Episode 1 - The UK Extradition Procedure.
Episode 2 - The impact of WikiLeaks Publications
Stay tuned for new episodes!

These videos are free to use, re-use, share rip and remix! Feel free to download them and upload them to your own channels and platforms!



Does codeberg currently have URLs for showing a diff between two specific commits implemented?

This would be nice for a footnote in a paper for readers to "just click" instead of going through the frightening task of using git on the command line and typing a git diff command...

There already seems to be a wishlist item for this:

but the status is not clear to me.

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When the free software movement started to make headway, proprietary software companies like Microsoft went to war against it, describing the licenses at its core (like the GPL) as "viral licenses" to scare companies off from using free software.

The GPL is a software license that coders add to their work that says, "You can do anything with this - change it, sell it, copy it, incorporate it into something else, have to redistribute the new projects under the same terms."


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Ars Technica Story on 2016 misinformation dealers - the story of a self-described “ethical hacker” who probably did one of the most unethical things in generations.

Some choice excerpts:

“They told me that they were against big companies and big government because they are basically the same thing,” Willis said. They said they had readers on the right and the left. They said they were about “freedom.” That sounded OK to Willis, who describes himself as a social liberal and fiscal conservative—“very punk rock, borderline anarchist.”

“If I were to choose a lesser evil at the time, it would have, without a doubt, been the Republican Party, since I had moved to the new city due to the Democrats literally destroying my previous home state.”

“What saved me was a couple [of Koala Media] employees,” he added. “One came into my office and closed the door and looked at me and said, ‘You don’t actually believe this stuff, do you?’ and I let out a sigh of relief when I said, ‘God, no’—and laughed. It became an ongoing joke.”

…after Trump won the Republican primary in 2016, the focus shifted heavily toward anti-Clinton stories. During this time, Koala’s already-loose editorial standards relaxed even further. Stories became increasingly bizarre or opinionated. Citations that did exist were often placed in a misleading manner, misconstruing the linked stories or pointing to existing stories in the Koala webring, making it hard for readers to fact-check the material.

Pieces that ran during this crucial period claimed, among other things, that Clinton had plans to “criminalize” gun owners, to kill the free press, to forcefully “drug” conservatives, to vaccinate people against their wills, to euthanize some adults, and to ban the US flag.

Yet Facebook, which directed plenty of traffic to Koala, never cut the site off. In the two years of the operation that Willis oversaw, Facebook banned only one of Koala’s posts, Willis said.

The basic approach involved the creation of a massive syndication network of hundreds of specialty “news” websites, where articles from the main Koala website could be linked to or syndicated. But these additional websites were engineered so that they looked independent of each other.

Really so much is damning here, you aught to read the whole article.

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Etalab, together with the CentraleSupélec engineering school, launches the #BlueHats Semester of Code: students* will get paid to work on free software used by the public sector.

* ~6 students in 2022, hopefully more in 2023 !

More (in french) here:

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Holy crap. Malware hidden in a strand of DNA hijacks the computer that analyzes that particular gene sequence.

The / now presents... the ! Pick your favourite URL and see what it will look like in 2046:

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Tout est dingue dans cette histoire de la CIA qui s'apprêtait à kidnapper/assassiner #Assange. L'extrader pour le faire moisir 175 ans en prison de max-sécurité aux US était en fait l'option "douce".

Ce qui fait froid dans le dos est que les plans de la CIA concernaient aussi les associés de #WikiLeaks.. en Europe... on savait déja pour Andy Muller-Maghun (qui a retrouvé un implant matériel dans son cryptophone), mais tous les autrs...? brrr...


Ariam Kidane, 17 Aug 2021, on the :

"For nine months, my homeland of Tigray in the northeast region of Ethiopia has been facing genocide. ... We are witnessing ethnic cleansing, mass rape, forced famine, and more, and yet the world's leaders refuse to label what is happening in Tigray a 'genocide.'"


Mediation proposals (so far refused):

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"We are extracting Earth’s geological history to serve a split second of contemporary technological time, building devices like the Amazon Echo and the iPhone that are often designed to last for only a few years"

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informal survey closed:

Looks good to me! Among a demographic biased to geeky and pro-free-software people, about a fifth are currently using their pinephone as their daily driver, and another half guess they'll be doing so on a 15-month time scale.

This short time scale should encourage experienced GNU/Linuxers willing to have a go and contribute bug reports and merge requests: this is not vapourware.

Thanks to everyone who answered! :)

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Anyone else seeing this? I made a comment that included "" and got this from Facebook.

Taliban war crime video graphic violence 

Graphic video [0] of casually leading an unarmed soldier by the hand to the side of the road and then executing him by gunshot. Tajuden Soroush [1] credits the video as genuine and says it occurred during the ongoing conflict [2]. That would mean over the last few days.




Birdsite may censor the video, so screengrab a copy if you wish to preserve it.


Next addictive silo for the tyranny-of-convenience crowd: https :// - cloudfront and google heavy, ToS definitely not AGPL.

Do we know of any free-software alternatives? of Nov 2020 says "... Are you open-source? We do not support self-hosting right now, nor are we open source, but we are heavily considering them for the future...."

I vaguely recall something like software being BSD-3 or PD a year ago.


Informal poll for experienced people who have pinephones. Feel free to boost to increase the sample size.

I am using or expect to use my as my mobile phone:

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Le réseau social de l'avenir : Pas d'annonces, pas de surveillance institutionnelle, conception éthique et décentralisation ! Possédez vos données avec Mastodon !