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Programming, imperative vs. declarative 

The bad thing about imperative style: you have to tell the computer exactly what to do.

The good thing about it: the computer does what you tell it, and nothing else.

Declarative style sounds all fun and games, as long as you trust the machine to have reasonable constraints on its planning.

Say you have 2 nodes and want 3, you declare system to have 3 nodes. The computer may implement it by adding a node. Or by burning the world down and rebuilding it.

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“PwnKit” security bug gets you root on most Linux distros – what to do - An elevation of privilege bug that could let a "mostly harmless" user give themselves a i... nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2022/ #vulnerability #cve-2021-4034 #pkexec #pwnkit #linux #eop

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Local-to-me vlogger Dan Olson has an outstanding, detailed skeptic's critique of web3 and NFTs that neatly encapsulatre pretty much every problem or concern I have identified myself


I have never *ever* seen any convincing answers to any of these serious issues by web3 advocates.

Distributed ledgers and computation, cryptography and so forth are fascinatiing technologies but cryptocurrencies, NFTs and web3 are just...absolutely disastrous implementations of such technologies. Every answer to a problem in this space is just a new often bigger problem.

If ya really cared...if you really meant to make the world a better place...you'd kill the whole thing with fire and start over bros.

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Post Mortem : Mon entreprise viens de subir une attaque informatique majeure

A thread

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Hardisk/status/147

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Comme tout le monde (c'est-à-dire comme tous les abonnés à Netflix), je viens de voir le film "Don't look up" (« Ne levez pas les yeux »). Je vais donner une opinion qui n'est, ni originale, ni impopulaire : je l'ai trouvé très bien. Certes, comme c'est un film étatsunien, l'allégorie et le message sont un peu trop évidents, mais bon, certaines choses doivent être dites : la science a raison et les irrationalistes ont tort.

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💡 How you can assist the @fdroidorg team without the "risk" of long-term commitment, if you have a little experience with writing/building Android apps: check open merge requests labeled "help wanted"


and see if you can assist :awesome:

PS: It's not only "development help" that's needed. Occasionally it's also about testing apps which have specific requirements.


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Contribuer à des projets qui nous tiennent à cœur ? Nous pouvons le faire grâce à vous, grâce à vos dons 💚 : soutenir.framasoft.org
ℹ️👉 framablog.org/2021/11/16/frama

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En cette fin d'année, La Quadrature est en campagne de don ! Si vous le pouvez, partagez ce post ou faites un don :)

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4 years ago I started a Kickstarter campaign to describe the idea of a smartphone OS that would allow us to "Leave Apple & Google" and improve our #Privacy

4 years from the idea to dozen thousands users and customers in the world.

#degoogled #smartphones murena.com

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Tired: paying for proprietary software
Wired: donating to free software

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Law 4: if the core functionality of the device *could* be implemented without use of algorithms and data processing, there *must* be a way to peruse this functionality without them.

I cannot stress this enough, my fridge does not need to be "smart", nor to send or receive any data over the Internet.

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⚠️ Recherche apprentissage BP menuiserie ⚠️ 

Cher réseau,

Ma fille Alya a 18 ans, elle fait des études en menuiserie avec les compagnons du devoir de Toulouse (BP menuisier fabriquant).

Elle a obtenu son CAP Menuiserie fabriquant en juin 2021.

Elle a participé au concours du Meilleur Apprentis de France 2021 dans sa discipline. Elle a obtenu la médaille d'or départementale (Haute-Garonne) et la médaille d'or régionale (Occitanie).


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Le réseau social de l'avenir : Pas d'annonces, pas de surveillance institutionnelle, conception éthique et décentralisation ! Possédez vos données avec Mastodon !