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After a big month of hard work, I'm happy to release today a new website for my webcomic Pepper&Carrot! It was a rewrite I made from scratch this time: peppercarrot.com/

More infos and report on the blog-post: davidrevoy.com/article853/new-

Tomorrow will be the release of Pepper&Carrot episode 35! 🥳 I’m currently working on the final details of this big episode. Here is a sneak peek into page 1.

😩 The printer of my self-published comic books announced a dramatic increase of prices (+45%) starting 1st July. That's sad... So, if you want them, I invite you to shop in June before the price hike: drivethrucomics.com/browse/pub


New derivation: a very well made 10min backstage video published by Morevna team. They are converting Pepper&Carrot Episode 3 into a motion comic with only Free/Libre and Open-Source Software and they explain their process.
Blog-post: davidrevoy.com/article849/deri

David Revoy a partagé

Pepper&Carrot official chat room moved from Freenode to a @liberachat room twined with a @matrix room. 🤩
Reasons, new adresses, how to connect(easy) and details: davidrevoy.com/article847/the-

David Revoy a partagé
David Revoy a partagé

🎮 New derivation: play Pepper on the Nes! She was added to Super Tilt Bro, a homebrew open project aiming at porting a "versus platformer fighting" to the 1985 Nes Nintendo console. I super like this derivation 😺

Blog post with all infos to play: davidrevoy.com/article845/

Author: @RogerBidon (of the game and also the video trailer).

🎙️ [for French speakers] Here is a 1h35min discussion I had on the podcast ChougarFree with Arezki Sugar about various topics: patronage, webcomics, publishing, NFTs and more. It was nice to be able to take time on each topics and reply in my native language.

- Apple Podcast: podcasts.apple.com/fr/podcast/
- Spotify: open.spotify.com/episode/33wPG
- More: linktr.ee/chougarfree

David Revoy a partagé

This afternoon I start the filming of the XPPen Pro 24 review after 48h of deep tests. Oh dear: there is a lot to say about it.

🎨 Hey, look what I just received? A XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro tablet! XP-Pen sent me this tablet for free in exchange of a video review on my channel (using GNU/Linux and Krita), so expect to see that coming soon. Blog-post about this sponsoring: davidrevoy.com/article841/


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