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Those of you who write Free Software, do you primarily:

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By request, here's a video on the new timelapse recording feature in #Krita:


Video is made entirely in #Kdenlive.

Btw, I'll be working on getting PeerTube alternative links in the near future.

And here is an experimental test; posting the result video output of the new Krita Recorder feature of 5.0:

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I’ve just read the new Pepper&Carrot episode… oh, no… :D it was epic! :D @davidrevoy is the master of resolving dense suspense in a very creative and very unexpected ways. :) the story is captivating, interesting and fun. and Pepper is a gifted young witch. :) as usual, though. =)

🌟❄️✨ Happy holiday season!
➡️ davidrevoy.com/article887/happ

(I can't attach a media, got error 500, so here is a link to my artwork on the blog.)

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Krita 5.0 might be coming before Christmas, and it's a massive gift package: krita.org/en/krita-5-0-release

🙂 I'm painting last details on episode 36, the release is for tomorrow!

Many have noticed the change of splash screen after launching Krita 4 this morning. 🎄😻
If you are curious about it, it's a panel from Pepper&Carrot "The Unity Tree" and you can read the full episode here: peppercarrot.com/xx/webcomic/e

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question, discussion of hate speech 

For antisemitism there is the IHRA definition to determine if something is antisemitic or not.


What are some equivalents for other groups, such as LGBTQ+ folks, indigenous people, or other underrepresented groups?

Are there working definitions of hate speech for them that you use or can point to in making a determination if something is hate speech?

Please boost as I'm looking for a wide swath of answers!

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Building and book binding a planner/bullet journal template for girlfriend in Scribus from scratch. Its nice that I can use Python to automatize certain parts, such as mapping day of week to date. After Scribus I use Bookbinder3 for imposition on A4 paper. And then i can sew the book together by hand. :)
#scribus #bookbinding

The wait is almost over! I'm on the intense last ten days of production for the next Pepper&Carrot episode. The longest! Twice the length of a regular episode: a project I started last summer. Here is a compilation of spoiler-free panel sketches 🥰

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Le réseau social de l'avenir : Pas d'annonces, pas de surveillance institutionnelle, conception éthique et décentralisation ! Possédez vos données avec Mastodon !