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The Kdenlive team released the 19.04 "Refactored Edition" version of the popular video editor today. Look forward to automatic audio-video splitting, configurable timeline layouts, different layout modes, and much more in their biggest release ever.


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My article about designing posters with scribus krita and Inkscape is published on opensource.com - opensource.com/article/19/4/de

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Bug Migration Season Starts Today! Hey #Inkscapers ! Want to play a game, earn some swag & help #Inkscape at the same time? Come join us for the Great Inkscape Bug Migration! First-timers & experienced wranglers should apply: alpha.inkscape.org/bug-migrati

A big thank you for all who came to meet me at in Lyon.

Thank you for those who bought original drawings, for those who came with their albums, for the fan-arts I received (which I will publish soon) and for those who came to the conference today... That was great!

Photo: @pyg (Director/Managing Director at Framasoft) and me at JdLL 2019.

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The @blender community have done it again! Behold Spring, Blender's new film. Beautiful designs and fantastic effects show how you can create professional, Hollywood-grade CGI using Free Software. Congrats Blender!


If you are getting a Pepper and Carrot vibe, it is no coincidence: @davidrevoy, creator of P&C, used @krita to design the look of the film:


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Today is a dark day for online freedoms and for all those laboring on a daily basis for the defense and promotion of a free, open, neutral and decentralized Internet. The European Parliament voted for generalization of automated filtering of uploads. #SaveYouInternet

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📽️ New video tutorial: Coloring with "Colorize-mask" in Krita: → youtu.be/HQdx6H9BIGs

(also on :peertube: Peertube, check @shichimi )

You know what, I decided to darken the Pepper&Carrot website for the next days. I hope this will draw attention to the risk that creators incur with censorship machines and upload filters everywhere.


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