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I... I've spent almost two full weeks on getting this algorithm right.

They're aperiodic tilings of rhombs, which can be constructed through (de Bruijn's) method of multiple grids, which is effectively the same as projecting a 5/6/7/8/9, etc cube grid onto 2d. Shows up in nature as quasicrystals.

Tried to get this working in seexpr, failed miserably. Still spent like 2 days on getting something visible in #Krita.

I am so tired, but happy.

David Revoy a partagé
David Revoy a partagé

Oh it worked!

"#Linux is my creative work daily driver, on 95% #libre and #FOSS tools. A few years ago it was the opposite, I was on 95% proprietary tools. It is often said that you cannot be on Linux if you do #creative work for a living, but I have transitioned across the last few years and love it. With the advances in #librecreative software the workflows just keep getting better and better. This collection shows some snapshots of my setup and how I use it."


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I recently got an android tablet with eInk screen and stylus. eInk is what e-readers and the like use, so I can take it outside, and because it ran android I am of course running #Krita on it.

The device gives a lot of lag compared to regular led/lcd, but on the other hand this is the first time I've been able to sit outside on an overcast day and draw on a tablet.

So have some Canada geese, they were the only ones sitting still enough. The ducks and rock pigeon just ran past me.

📺The Replay of the livestream is ready: Speedpainting Dragons - Livestream Krita Workshop.

Youtube: youtu.be/gKXl0nZ9kPc
Peertube(soon): peertube.touhoppai.moe/account


🎣"Carrot and Jackfruit"
Result of the 1h commented speedpainting during @LGMeeting , thank you if you attended the workshop! (I'll post a HD video record later today)

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heh, from the praxeology talk of #LGM20 , paraphrased, "the one thing that floss is really good at is providing quality translations" (in the context of teaching German speaking students).

Thought it might be a nice acknowledgement towards the translator work being done.

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Free Krita workshop, Friday 29 May 15h00 (Paris time) for the Libre Graphic Meeting 2020 and I'll be your host.
Theme: speedpainting and dragons.
More infos: davidrevoy.com/article777/libr

A comic panel of the episode I'm working on (part.2 of the battlefield story arc), grayscale step and work-in-progress.

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David Revoy a partagé

I made a point in #cashflowforcreators of saying that it's okay for you to practice your craft for joy and that it didn't have to be a side hustle, or *any* kind of hustle. That joy is sufficient reason to do a thing.

Half of my first readers said they had never been told this. This makes me very sad.

If your art brings you joy, DO IT. Maybe you'll never make a penny off it, and that is totally OK.

Doing things for the joy of it is vital.

My quick notes about the process of today's test published earlier: 5 steps, 3 layers, predictible and reproducible. I'll explore more with it, I like this simplicity.

full resolution of the artwork, btw: davidrevoy.com/article775/grow


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