I'm inking right now the future episode 34 of Pepper&Carrot after weeks of writing/storyboarding (four rewrite...). Many main characters are back: Coriander, Saffron and Shichimi. I'll keep sharing with you my progress on the production. 🙂

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Any LaTeX experts out there that could help me?

I'm trying to get the following paragraph to work:


I've tried $)$, but that doesn't seem to get Vim to not complain about solo parens.

The trouble is that something in or above that section is causing this:

]! Missing $ inserted.
<inserted text>
l.145 ^^I\noindent\peppercarrotTextCharacter

(145 is where it's called in the peppercarrot.tex file).

What am I doing wrong?

#latex #tex

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Finished my thinkpad setup finally :awesome:

No space left 😅

Love your stickers @davidrevoy

#stickers #linux #foss

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It arrived in my mailbox a few minutes ago!
It looks so cool and different IRL than digitally

Years later I finally buy your books @davidrevoy ^^'

My new PC arrived!🤩 (Kitten not included)
I'll publish later a blog-post to describe the setup I selected and review if digital-painting/video/CGgraphics feels good with it on GNU/Linux. For now: unboxing time and install. 🐧🔧

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Aujourd'hui j'ai reçu "L'Art de Pepper&Carrot" (en anglais) qui fait parti des quatres livres auto-édités par @davidrevoy
De nombreuses illustrations, croquis avec une qualité d'impression topissime! 😍
Même en connaissant très bien le projet on découvre de nouvelles choses 😀


#peppercarrot #livre #illustration #peinture #libre #krita #inkscape #scribus
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Just received an amazing art book from @davidrevoy via DriveThruComics ! :-D

You can also find the three first books of Pepper and Carrot :-D

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Merci @davidrevoy pour ces magnifiques ouvrages ! Ils sont encore plus beaux que je l’avais imaginé !

🎃Happy Halloween!
I wanted to speedpaint this evening the Spritely Family, their design feels halloweeny to me. 🙂 spritelyproject.org/

(special launch offer on Pepper&Carrot books ends in 4h, 1144 books sold now! 👍)

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I have been buying and reading comic books for decades. I have been using and supporting free cultural products for many years as well.

peppercarrot.com and their printed series combine the best of these two scenes! Top notch. Thank you so much @davidrevoy !

🎉1000!🎉 I'm so happy! Thank you!
Only 24h left before 'Special Launch Offer' sale ends.
Last chance to get the comic at $16.50 instead of $20.00!

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@davidrevoy We got ours already, they look great! Love your work and provide some good motivation/inspiration for my kids to learn (more) free/open tools.

Curious where the $16.50 on my self-published comic goes? I drew this to explain so you get an idea about the costs. (By the way, 955 books sold! 🎉 thank-you-thank-you-thank-you!)

777 Books sold since the release two weeks ago! Thank you! 🎉 I hope you'll get the geek joke.( I'm not worrying a lot on Mastodon 😇 ). My 'Special Launch Offer' sale ends on Saturday 31, in three days. Will it reach 1000? That would be amazing. Last chance to get them while they're cheap!

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