Whoooohooooo! I ran a long experimentation and I finally have good colors! Here is the Book Production Report 3 article with the solution:

@davidrevoy Wew, that's a lot of test printing!
Happy to see that it finally gone well after all that trials! :-)
@davidrevoy i've just read the post. what a huge work! crossed finger for the last test and i wish many people will have the chance to get it on your eshop 😃

@valvin Thank you Valvin! Yes, countless numbers of hours in it, I'm glad to see the exit of the tunnel!

@davidrevoy That's one crazy story that ended good, fortunately :blobcatcoffee:

@tennoseremel @davidrevoy I hope you didn't loose lot of money with the tests.

@Azlux @tennoseremel I did not, problably less than 150€ in total and I received specific donation to cover a part of that.

The largest money issue is probably the time invested; I could probably invest this time into a new episode and get a salary. I hope I'll comeback on investment with the sells!

@tennoseremel True! Real closure for me will be when I'll receive BigBook3 the final final final :-) But I have far less pressure now that I understand what's going on technically :)

@davidrevoy You are a hero! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You can be proud: you documented a process with a 100% libre toolchain, tried to fix the proprietary documentation of a service for the next peeps, gave real and quite valuable feedback to various software teams that ultimately served (or will serve) to fix rare and hardly-debuggable bugs. A-we-so-me! I feel this is a historical achievement.

I'll buy a bunch of your comics and give them as gifts, for sure.

@RoboePi 😊 Thank you for your nice words! They make me happy.

@davidrevoy I'm so happy that you were able to figure out the problem! Thank you so much for going to the effort to lay it out for the rest of us!

Hopefully soon, now that there's an understanding of what's wrong, there will be a fix. Or at least more people will know how to work around it.

Best of luck on your big book!


Thank you for sharing, that was a very interesting read.

@davidrevoy Congrats!! Is good to see you hard work as pay off, and what a big contribution to the foss-graphic community (as usual), thank you for sharing your methods and insights, awesome job my friend.💪 👏 🙃

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