I Painted over tiny sketches made by @cwebber for the Spritely mascot. What's your favorite number(s)?

(more info about Spritely on this thread: )

@davidrevoy @cwebber They're all cute fellows but I think I like 2 and 7 the best.

@davidrevoy @cwebber They are all wonderful but I mostly like 2, 3 and 4 (so cute!).

@davidrevoy @cwebber
4 a trunk with horns. There is a chance to find a real one in the forrest

@davidrevoy @cwebber
Nr. 2.
But just because it has such a strong contrast two its background.

@davidrevoy @cwebber but as others said, the contrast on the images could be higher.
but 6 and 7 have nice recognizable silhuettes even though they are dark characters on a dark background.

@davidrevoy @cwebber They all look extra cute 🤗

Shapely is about security, no? So I fav the mushroom (and it's shelter head).
Also I like the 'spreading' aspects (like in distributed fediverse) of mushrooms, pumpkins, leafes and flames!

@davidrevoy @cwebber Ohhhh it's hard to pick. 2, 3, and 4 fit in really well with the Spritely name I think. But also though it wouldn't be my first choice for "Spritely," #7 I think fits well with "Spritely Goblins"

@jfred @davidrevoy @emacsomancer Yes my initial sketch of that one was to be the "goblin" sprite, and that might be the mascot for both Goblins but maybe also kind of the meta-mascot for the project as a whole? Not sure. But anyway, the idea is there are multiple sprites of various kinds!

@cwebber 7 looks like the sprite who most understands how everything works (I presume that's because he's reading the manual!)

@jfred @davidrevoy
@davidrevoy 7 seems the most 'Spritely-ish' creature to me, but they're all great.


@davidrevoy 1and 4 are very cute, I think 1 would be better with a little more brighteness ;-)


@davidrevoy @cwebber I love them all, but for Spritely I prefer #2. That one seems the one embody flowing between systems, but keeping his essence constant, the best. But, really, they're all lovely.

@davidrevoy @cwebber All of them are cute! I specially like 4, 3, 8 & 9 :)

@davidrevoy @cwebber 1, 2, and 10, though they're all adorable. Perhaps they can form the Spritely crew.

@craigmaloney @davidrevoy That's basically the plan :)

Spritely has several sub-projects; each of these characters represents one of them (well a couple of them haven't been allocated to a sub-project quite yet). So Spritely is really a sprite collective! ;)

@davidrevoy @cwebber They are all wonderful :)

My favorite is number 2, because of its light, and its "essence" (not sure about the word in english) which fits well "spirit-like", like a "feu follet" :)

Then 3 and 9, because I am fond of nature spirits.

The mouse is very cute, I tend not to associate with a spirit however (my feeling), but it's enhearting.

The insects are a bit like gentle dark players, it's interesting as sort of a balance...

Congratz', I love those I didn't comment too :)

@davidrevoy first of all let me say that I love 💖 the work you've done on this! Very nice.

In this set I like 2 best of all - like others said - because of its luminosity and brightness.

I understand from @cwebber that they are all intended to be used in projects.

In that case I recommend giving them *all* more of that magical gloss, shine and brightness. Eliciting feelings of wonder, like in Avatar (the movie) where they walk through the forest at the start.

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